Intelligent Behavior ‘treatment’ Is Usually The Husband’s Wife

In the family, do not lack the scenes of husband, despise ... wife. So how to behave are smart in this case? 0: 00/3: 26 months in the south before marriage, men still have loving and spoil their lover even calling her with names America, just heard wants to melt: "British baby", "his princess"

... but just holding the marriage certificate of marriage, she sees me Lying books, despise, lack of respect for his wife: cold, indifferent to ask for not to say, calling it, sometimes sparse, continues to keep the words difficult to hear
There will be 3 reactions depending on personality, understanding and choice of each person. One is going to endure the heart even though in the heart is very membrane, uncomfortable. Secondly, it will express dissatisfaction, resentment and willing to respond to "paid pieces" into quarrel even violence to the throne because of the controversy too harshly. Three is going to be silent but only temporarily and then will slowly turn on sharing with her husband so that they change. In the above 3 ways, how are you applying? With many years of experience in the field of emotional counseling and healing relationships, Tue An psychologists said that the third way was civilized, the most active showed intelligence, skillfulness and understanding Of the modern woman that our sisters should follow. Remember that if you want to eliminate something best so I should start right from when they are still as long as it will be more difficult to treat . As soon as her husband has a lack of respect, sisters start acting so that the husband does not repeat the next time. Wife of husbands: 1. Keeping the attitude respectfully if you behave with her husband like the way he treats you, you are lowering yourself. So no matter how often it is, it must behave in civilization, expressing an adult and thinking by behaving in respect in the way to talk seriously
If your husband does not want to absorb, stop the conversation do not aggravate and make things serious. Gently ignored but not forgotten at the moment of being spoken by her husbands that lack respect, gruff, rude even offended, to avoid exploding anger, causing everything to fall into a cloggy climbing harder. At that moment, temporarily lush it but don't let it fall into oblivion. You still have your values even if others have respect and note it or not. Our values must be created by us themselves, cannot be because others say you are less intelligent that you believe that you are stupid? 3. Finding the opportunity to reveal the views of the silent side to pass when they are considered by her husband who are only a solution to avoid conflict at that time. You need to find the opportunity to tell your stack of thoughts and views, this is certain to do. Never let's think your husband thinks you weaken, weaknesses don't dare to opiniate anything, don't dare to speak for yourself to protect yourself. Thus, it is accidentally re-handed her husband to continue hurting me, seeing me more times. If you say it should be prepared in advance to say and choose the moment the husband is happy or comfortable to say, the effect will be higher. It is definitely the only thing you are not underwrite and sometimes The man they also did not aware of his words and employment made his wife hurt, felt not much respect. So peacefully talks straight to each other to remove the problem Don't let the incident go so far so that it can't be puzzled. These conflicts, big contradictions, exterminative status are even divorced or dissolved Initial breakdown only comes from very small troubles like lack of respect. If we don't solve soon it is easy to cause more serious problems.

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