Intelligent Boss Him Watching China Is A Leading Challenge

During his first public statement since held the Director of the British Intelligence Agency (Mi6), Mr. Richard Moore clearly defined the leading challenge for his leadership agency as China. "Adapting to A world affected by China's rise was Mi6's biggest priority, Moore Director spoke at the International Strategic Research Institute (IISS) on November 30. He mentioned China to 25 times. Moore Director said: "We are strengthening understanding of China in the British intelligence community and expanding the possible choice for the government to control the challenges The system that China brings "

. He also emphasized in the global environment where China's surveillance technology expands the scope of operation, the nation island must be at the forefront of technology. This intelligence will also warn Chinese intelligence containers. Proposing large-scale spy activities to target him with allies
Mi6 is worried that try to distort the distortion, affect the global political decision-making process of China. Global Trade, Investment, Challenges such as Climate Change, Moore Director Reminding China Actually is still a "dictatorship" country, arranged as a list of 4 major threats along with Russia, Iran, international terrorism. Especially, he judged the growing military power and desire to solve Taiwan - force of force if needed - China also set serious challenges for stability and global peace.Mi6 - Famous intelligence organization through the James Bond series - in charge of international intelligence gathering activities to protect him and the benefits of the country from threats foreign. Mr. Moore took office director Mi6 in October 1020, is an employee who works for 34 years. To operate in the new situation with the wide application of technology, Moore director said Mi6 is looking for relationships Cooperate with the technology community. Binh Binh

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