Intel’s First Graphics Card Will Have Intel Arc

Intel has just announced the brand for its upcoming high-performance graphics card products: Intel ARC. This brand will be used for multi-generation hardware, software and services. Following here, Intel will launch the first graphics card with a graphics processor developed based on Vi-HPG architecture, Code name Alchemist (also called DG2). Intel also revealed the code name of the next GPU generations as Battlemage, Celestial and Druid.roger Chandler - Vice President and Director of the product and graphic solution for customers who said in the press release that: " Today marked the moment of the important journey as a graphic product that we only started a few years ago

. The launch of the Intel Arc brand and revealed the future hardware generations shown oranges Intel's link for gamers and content creators. Our team is doing a great thing to ensure smooth experience, best when these products go to the shelves early next year. "Thus Intel graphics cards or software such as drivers, the accompanying service will have ARC names, similar to Nvidia with the GeForce brand
Currently GPU uses car architecture-HPG has started internal testing, the sample card has also appeared. Intel ARC will include products using vehicle-HPG architecture - a branch of Intel Car Architecture including XE-LP, XE-HP and XE-HPC towards many different segments from end users to the centers Data.Alchemist is the first generation of Intel ARC card line, current leakage information shows that it has many versions, compete with NVIDIA or AMD in high-end, high-class, intermediate and cheap segments . There will be at least 3 GPUs, with each GPU line, Intel will also cut multiplication to divide the segment. The strongest GPU will have 512 EU, the clock can reach over 2 GHz and the performance is expected to be equal to Nvidia's RTX 3080. Meanwhile in the middle segment, another GPU will be divided into multiple versions to hit a wide range of prices, now showing a variation for performance equivalent to the GTX 1660 Super. Intel's Alchemist GPUs supports Rail Tracing processing with hardware and Intel also featuring algorithmic deviations that compete with NVIDIA DLSS or FidelityFX of AMD.

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