Inter Helped Lukaku Slimming?

Romelu Lukaku returned to Chelsea with a slim body. In fact, this has been maintained by the Belgian striker in the intervestion of Inter, and the Serie A champions have a secret behind it.0: 00/1: 48 South of the South, Lukaku looks heavy Seeing well, completely different from the time he wore Chelsea's latest shirt. The Belgian striker still has such a large shape, but the human mold becomes more slim and serene. The bile behind this change is thanks to Inter, when the Italian team finds a problem with the digestive system Lukaku - what MU cannot detect

. Specifically, when Lukaku came to Inter testing before joining the club in the summer of 2009, a nutritionist discovered his problem. The 28-year-old herself acknowledged he was overweight when playing in MU. "Normally I have a good digestion system
I digest everything very quickly and from your baby. But the nutritionist said the system My digestion has a problem, so it needs to be changed, "Lukaku share.Lukaku at Chelsea (left) slimming clearly compared to the time in Muu, Lukaku started primarily eating fish, sweet potatoes, pasta , Mushrooms and vegetables. In about 12 days, Inter rookies of Inter then reduced a large amount of weight and this was maintained to this day. Currently, Lukaku's body is perfectly balanced, helping him to become slim and faster.Lukaku has practiced with new teammates in Chelsea last week to be ready to play in the London derby with Arsenal At the Premier League round 2 at 22:30 on August 22. "I'm working hard. I went through the full season of money and wanted to quickly help teammates. If the coach needs me, I'm ready," Lukaku said. He 2021/22, Chelsea has easily lowered Crystal Palace 3-0 thanks to Marcos Alonso, Christian Pulisic and Trevoh Chalobah
Theo Do Trung / Bongdaplus

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