Interesting Destinations In Cao Phong

The center of town is about 10 km Hoa Binh, Cao Phong district possesses favorable natural conditions for the development of eco-tourism types with many attractive sights. Here are some destinations should not be overlooked when to Cao Phong: 0: 00/2: 18Nu domain NamDen Shanghai Penglai and populations of mountain Top of RongNam foothills Dragon Head (zone 3, the town of Gao Feng, Cao Feng), the upper temple is a place of worship Penglai Marian government. The temple is located in the mountains First Dragon stretches over 1km, shaped like a giant dragon, including 6 main caves of Phong Paint, Label Long Son, Hoa Son Thach, mobile wireless, mobile Thanh Thuy and cave nuoc.Ngoai 4 dry cave, Dragon Head mountain has 2 cave is wet water running inside the mountain cave is about 400m long, deep from 5 - 8m. This is also the place to keep the cultural values - history, people and land of Cao Phong and traces important geological structure

. Scenic Dragon Head mountain population has been the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism ranked National Monument in 2012.Thung NaiThung Nai is a commune reservoir Black River, Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh city way 25km. Karst system with features and small islands floating on the water, Thung Nai was dubbed the "Ha Long Bay on the mountain," I here, visitors have the opportunity to visit Thac Bo Temple Ba princess within them, Waterfall Edge
Dynamic depth of 100 meters, inside a large room divided into 3 supply with stalactites brought many interesting shapes. To Thung Nai, tourists can explore Hoa Binh hydropower reservoir, floating markets, caves and taste the fish Trach least smoked or pig Da River in Muong ... located on a hilltop pagoda Khanh KhanhToa (Yen Thuong, Cao Phong district), Khanh pagoda is ancient temple is located on a high hill. Temple systematic special worship, the Buddha statues were carved by natural stone columns that Muong called "Buddha grows". This is the worship Buddha (Buddha springing stone), typical at this monument. Before 1945, this is where the practice of self-defense The revolutionary bases Cao Phong - Thach Yen proud history hung.Tuong hero Cu Chinh LanTuong radio station was built in 2008 in the neighborhood Mo I (Binh Thanh commune) to mark the event Cu Chinh Lan destroy tanks France on 6th street (dated 13-12-1951). The monument is built on site with a total area of 3
638m2. Part statue and pedestal were crafted by over 100 tons of bluestone Thanh Hoa, 8.5 m high. This is the red address traditional education for strata of Binh.Trung Hoa Nguyen

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