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'Daughter-in-law 4.0 - Modern mother-in-law' (Young Publisher -2021) of Ann Lee's author consists of deep posts, witty posts about mother-in-law - Today's mother. The book is also a useful handbook for those who have been and will be the daughter-in-law, or mother in overlapping.02: 00/2: 43 south in the post of the book, Ann Lee asks questions: "How to All women who love a man will happily happy, not standing in two battleships that shout "Mother or wife, please choose!". Why does that guy have to choose, while can there be both in love? " Therefore, more than 20 of her posts focus on sharing, analyzing the problems that the mother-in-law, the bride encountered to find a reasonable answer to the question above

. Persps have 2 parts: "Daughter-in-law 4.0 "And" Modern Mother's Mother ". Each part has actual stories, evidence, specific and authors' conclusions about the issues raised
The mother-in-law, many people who love children, love you unconditionally, always spend all the time, effort since childhood until retiring to take care of the descendants without knowing that they intervened too deeply The lives of the children, making the children lazy, relaxing or feeling uncomfortable. Even, there are "Milk Milk Milk" onto the day and night of infant farming or "superman silk pants" Quan Xuyen Thong Than Than Rice, Houses, Shuttle me to school ... Since then, the author Indicated that: If the mother-in-law "mother" always brought the mind of "sacrificing life for children, for him", modern mothers need to understand and respect the lives of their children grown and married. . From simple things like do not impose a dining story to agree to your child separately. You will not "pulse" to carry the housework and take care of your children, unless you ask for help ..
doing so has just respect your privacy life, just keeping a family car park without must be tired of doing too much jobs should be uncomfortable and sounds, catches a daughter-in-law ... in particular, there are modern mother-in-laws that make readers enjoy when they are at age 60, the lady takes care of the appearance, exercise sports to enhance health, go out, travel with friends; Or sharing cleverly with my daughter-in-law trying to solve when the husband and wife. Thereby, her mother-in-law creates elegant images, gases and loves children in a civilized way. Interesting and meaningful lessons. The 4.0 brides can not cook well, may not know many things but have to "know what". It is knowing how to behave with her husband's family; Know interest, love her husband in their way so family fun, happy; Know to make money to contribute to building a family economy. More importantly, sincere treatment, no lies with her husband and family husband. Besides, a series of special problems in modern society are annemed by Ann Lee through the article: "Good living In private? "," Dear, don't say "my mother" "," yellow strawberry pearl "," making a giant "," bullying the mother-in-law "... Now, in addition to her mother's behavior, she Strawberries, the author who pointed to the name of this complex relationship and demonstrated the bravery of men is the husband, son in the family through the article "Men don't hide in the trench". , mother-in-law or bride need to live their own lives, ie both know respect, put themselves in the position of the other person to cover, to preserve the home. It is the author message Ann Lee sent this book.

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