Interesting Thing About Seamless Chassis Loading Line

In the automotive industry, Unibody and Body-On-Frame (seamless chassis / removable chassis) are the two most popular design structures now.02: 00/4: 35 Southern sub-sale Applying seamless chassis? With the purpose of use and performance of Pick-up lines, Body-on-Frame is a more widely used structure. However, the trend is now different, the players' plays have changed the tastes of Maverick - the compact pickup towards the purpose of urban use with a roar Unibody blocks If it mentioned the compact selling line with a sports style with the chassis, we will definitely think of the newly launched Hyundai Santa Cruz 2022 seller in the North American market. This Korean brand unibody pickup model does not apply the box of traditional pickups that switch to young designs based on its crossovers

. Or as a new model Launched Ford Maverick - The compact pickup is aimed at urban use with Unibody blocks similar to the SUV Ford Bronco Sport model as well as Ecosport.Hyundai Santa Cruzsong, Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick is not the first cars to apply a blocked chassis style design, which is the Honda Ridgeline - the first-time download for the first time in Detroit 2016. This is considered a dynamic Thai proves that Honda is confident to have a market share with the "king" in the pickup line like General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler in the North American market at that time
Ridge Ridgeline - unexpectedly coming from Honda The combination of both unibody and body-on-frame designs (seamless blocks / removable chassis), Honda has a different thoughts and Honda Ridgeline is the result of this combination.Honda Ridgelin, this Pick-up car sample is the only product in the market using Unibody structure, and is home Try with a steel ribbeam below the floor at the time of 2017 until the car's model of Hyundai Santa Cruz 2022 and Ford Maverick launched. The car has a longer and wider body than the previous men and 13.7 cm , with wide loading floors capable of carrying a maximum volume of 725 kg. This download model is also equipped with a 3.5-liter exclusive V6 engine with a capacity of 3.5-liter, comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission, allowing the car to achieve the best fuel economy level compared to classroom models is different. Stretching from the head to the car to the rears, the entire Honda Ridgeline body is still designed on the same ribs like traditional cars. However, instead of removing designs, this ribs' frame and the entire body are died together, creating a tight link. At the top, the body is designed with a steel frame with many impulse absorption points when a collision occurs (a typical unibody structure)
The seamless chassis structure on the Honda Ridgeline pickup is different Between the traditional body-on-frame structure and the new structure of Honda Ridgeline (Unibody structure, further reinforcement with a welded ribs below)? With body-on-frame, 2 pieces separate The structure is associated with separate couplings / bolts, enhancing damping rubber gaskets. This helps the leaving chassis car models with a larger, more quiet, less noise layer (provided the suspension conditions effectively). However, the overall firmness of the car will be reduced by them completely in discrete details, and there are the middle mattresses. With a structure that Ridgeline owns, we get a set The complete frame with a structure that Ridgeline owns, we get a complete frame set, fixed link between the passenger compartment and the back load, with higher rigidity. However, if this is merely a basic unibody structure, the body can easily be broken, in the case of overload. And so, Honda has studied and further a traditional rib frame, to prevent this situation. In this new structure, we have a close cohesion between parts, Since then get a better rigorous hardness of other products, and at the same time, there is still high load capacity, thanks to a "holder" below. From the interior upgrade to like a more tourist car, to change the structural structure of traditional Pickup cars, it seems that Honda Ridgeline has built the first foundations of a new concept, A new definition of pickup trucks whether car production since its launch of 2017 is not achieved as expected. However, after 4 years since the launch of Honda continues to refresh the model of the car His with more personality design lines with a vertical new grille and square head. On either side of the grille, the new LED headlight is still interrupted by a horizontal decorative bar. With these changes, Honda hopes the Ridgeline will not be criticized as "not like a pickup"

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