Interesting Things About Lamborghini Are Few People Known

As one of the famous brands in the world, Lamborghini's nearly 60-year development process still has interesting less known things to be known to 9: 00/1: 12 Nouthern countries with the largest glass surface area : Lamborghini Marzal is the first concept for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show 1967 exhibition. The car is inspired to develop the Grand Touring model of 4 seats Espada. The outstanding point of the car is the door design Transparent glass material. The glass surface is equipped on Marzal up to 4.5 square meters, the largest in models that Lamborghini introduced

.Lamborghini Marzal is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine in line of 2.0L capacity, producing capacity 177 Horsepower and 182 nm torque. Marzal can reach a maximum speed of 190 km / h
Vehicles with the lowest height: first debuted in 1966, Lamborghini Miura caused many customers to be surprised at a height of only 1,050 mm. Dubing the first supercar in the world, Miura is still much lower than today's modern supercars. Lamborghini only produced 764 Miura from 1966 to 1973. The backup shame under the Capo lid: With old sports cars, equipping the spare wheel is not a surprising thing. However, With the engine design posted after the cockpit, Lamborghini engineers had to put the Miura's backup cake right below the capo cap, before the windshield of the car. First SUV in the world: Lamborghini LM002 originally Production aims to serve military purposes. Due to not received, the carrier has turned LM002 into a commercial and launched model at the Brussels Motor Show 1986 exhibition. Not like other mass suv models, Lamborghini LM002 use V12 engine capacity of 5.2L, Production Born 540 horsepower capacity. In the period from 1986 to 1992, Lamborghini only produced 300 LM002
The car is the inspirational source to help Lamborghini launches the current URUS line. The first car owns the scissor door: Although not familiar with the car, you can still easily recognize a Lamborghini by scissor door design (Scissor DOORS) famous. This detail was first appeared on the Lamborghini Countach test version in 1971. The original goal of this structure was to help the driver easier to take the car when sitting on the entrance platform. Since then, Lamborghini remains this design on its top cars such as Diablo, Murcielago, Aventador and limited editions.

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