Interesting Things Are Only Available In Japan

Japan is a country that owns many great things and the interesting things below can surprise you. The subway system for tourists. Each train station is recorded in numbers and letters to help foreigners go Travel around the city easily even without many knowledge about Japan. You can send and receive parcels at any store without posting the postage. Coffee

. These cups are sold in Familymart and 7-Eleven. You just need to add coffee after you have paid to buy a cup. The shop selling instant noodles has a hot water heater in the exit to guests can reward Wake up noodles on the spot
At the route running next to the park, everyone can change, store clothes in the lockers and walk after work. Puffed boiler packing is useful food For those who don't have time. The toilet with sinks on the pedestal, this amazing design saves water. Place food in restaurant via vending machine. These machines are located I go to the restaurant. The instrument holds the umbrellas on the bike. This is a great invention for all bikes to go in bad weather. Shared bathrobe named Sento. This bathtub is the perfect place to Relax after a hard working day. A ticket for such a sauna is cheaper than drinks in the bar
Cold butter on bread easily with this attractive innovation. Whether free for everyone. This umbrellas are located at Each bus stop on the street in Japan. Anyone can get free boxes when it rains and then put it on any other similar box around the city. Automatic bicycle parking system. To solve the problem where bike holder is overloaded , the city government has developed a underground bicycle parking system. The complex is like a elevator. You just need to pay for the service, book bike on the runway, and wait for open doors. After that, the system automatically works. To get back the bike, you just need to swip the card on the scanner located next to the parking door. Cool. This method helps Japanese people cool in hot summer days. With the product with gel, its cooling effect stretched in a few hours, in the form of foam, feeling like there is a cold soda in the skin. Japanese people consider the job above all, almost a glory When staying at the office overtime. They often work forget the time, sometimes sleeping anywhere, from public transport or on the streets.

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