Internal Stocks Increase Foreign Loans

Instead of mobilizing domestic capital, some securities companies have sought foreign capital and are lending hundreds of millions of dollars by foreign financial institutions. Hundreds of millions of USD. Adopting foreign capital is a great advantage of Internal securities companies. Securities companies VNDIRECT have just received a 1-year bond loan from the group of foreign banks with a total value of 100 million USD, in order to develop their business and expand their operating scale. Collection of capital for vndirect is Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte

. Ltd Singapore, began negotiations from the end of May 5, 2021 with the initial commitment value of US $ 50 million with the right to increase to 50 million USD. Service then attracting the participation of 11 foreign banks to From Taiwan market, Hong Kong (China) and Singapore, with a scale of lending to $ 100 million. Nguyễn Vũ Long, Deputy General Director of VNDIRECT said, after nearly 15 years of operation, the company had The companion of many prestigious banks in the country, with cooperative relations with 22 partners and a total of VND 27,000 billion credit limit
However, domestic loans have a number of limitations as regulations of The State Bank controlls the ceiling of credit growth, limits the purpose of lending to banks. Capital from foreign markets such as Taiwan (China), Singapore, Korea has abundant scale, price Competitive capital and very interested in the Vietnamese market. At that time, foreign loans did not get into these restrictions, in addition, capital flows from developed markets Like Taiwan, Singapore, Korea has abundant scale, competitive capital price and very interested in the Vietnamese market. Before that, Vietnam Bank for Industrial and Commercial Bank (Vietinbank Securities) signed a loan contract. Capital worth $ 90 million with a leading 4-bank group Taiwan is Union Bank of Taiwan, Taichung Commercial Bank - Labuan Branch, Taishin International Bank and Huanan Commercial Bank, in which Union Bank of Taiwan is a unit arranging and The loan is 30 million USD. Ball of Ho Thi Thu Hien, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Industrial and Commercial Bank for Industrial and Commercial Bank (Vietinbank Securities) shared, accessing foreign capital is a great advantage of The company in the context of external securities companies is landing a lot on Vietnam with the plentiful capital. This helps VietinBank Securities have more financial resources to increase competitiveness and support customers The best way. Foreign capital must meet many strict criteria, but the opening NG Foreign borrowing limits will help the company with additional establishments to implement business segments more effectively thanks to taking advantage of large capital with reasonable expenses. Another securities company is the actual SSI securities Show into foreign loans in July 2021 with a limit of 100 million USD. This is a loan of trust from Taiwan's leading banks, leading to the Loan's Loan Loan, the Union Bank of Taiwan and Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co
, Ltd (Fubon). Thickly known, at the end of 2020 , SSI mobilized 85 million USD from the group of foreign banks, headed by Union Bank of Taiwan. Securities companies were trusted by foreign financial institutions with great value Seeing the prestige of Vietnam's capital market in general and Vietnam's securities industry in particular. Compliance, foreign capital mobilization is one of the goals of many internal enterprises, but not easy to implement.Theo Mr. Nguyen Vu Long , this requires transparency in governance, clarity and professionalism in business capacity. To realize a large loan with foreign credit institutions is the process of discipline and discipline Commitment in the implementation of enterprises from providing legal information, financial information, presentation on economic orientation joint, management activities as well as negotiating, negotiating conditions and terms of loan structure. Hoang Minh

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