Interview With Noise After Noise To Do ‘sister’ Pregnant: ‘i Clearly Nature People After This Incident’

After noise exploding on the evening network 18/8, SaoSar has contacted directly with Hotboy Ngo Quyen Linh to verify the incident.Hotboy Ngo Quyen Linh is the name no stranger to the online community. The boy was born in 2003 famous for covering songs and posted on social networks, owning countless "million View" coverings. 18/8, the netizens were "waved" when Ngo Quyen Linh was A "element" account makes himself "sticky" and loves his responsibility. The person also offers a series of screenshots that are said to be a conversation with Hotboy 2003

. The Linh rights become a named netizenic netizens for many hours until noon 19/8, the corn side Linh spoke up That this is a completely traded story and is ready to test DNA for control. SaoSar then contacted Ngo Quyen Linh to better understand this shocking. - Your current feeling after noise on a social network on the evening 18/8? After last night, the feeling of money I Awareness is the scaryness of social networks
When everything is unclear, a lot of people, do not need to know the right true that I have rushed into personal criticism I am extremely bad. - Again, I'm sure the hermits on the social network last night are fabricated ? Sure! - Do you think what reason why this account "pulls" yourself into the stories to put it? I personally don't know what your purpose is when he himself claims Pregnant with me. However, when I want to prove yourself in a clean, there is no such and willing to cooperate with her in the legal aside, it doesn't have any feedback.Hotboy 2003 does not know the purpose of the person Posting "element" What are you - How do you face this incident? Is it a great influence on your family or family? About this incident, I personally opposite frankly because I don't want to be so slandered. It has also affected a lot of life, especially my spirit as well as family. - Pretty young but had to face big scandal, do you feel "shocked"? I personally see things Like this for celebrities is very difficult to avoid. However, I don't think my incident is taken too far, really to say is very "shocked" to another. - You and the managing company will bring this to the law ? Of course, I and the managing company will deal with the law for this incident. Linh Rights said it will bring this incident to law - his relatives, his friends say of what Is this time? Are you "exploded" the message from last night until now? When the incident happened, there are many people who messed up to visit me, but I don't dare to answer because I know someone good with me and also someone not good. Through the above incident, I understood more about the nature of people, knowing anyone who was bad with me
- What is your upcoming plan? Maybe I will take the time to practice at home and vacation Rest, try to improve yourself more to be able to send the audience the best, most quality products. Thank you for the share!

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