Into The Fried Kitchen Girl Crying, Netizen Sitting Analyzing The Reason

Fishing fries that have never been the latest and typical things that she posted to Tiktok made Netizen to sit and analyze. The fish are probably always one of the things that many people are most affluent when entering the kitchen. Not only must choose anti-stick pan, boiling oil, but also to do not be shot of oil, flip, so that it is too much enough to make the netizens but the clumsy festival. Together is assigned to the kitchen standing task but not, witnessing the girl's disaster fish frying case below will make you think otherwise. Feadly, there are things that happen in the kitchen is also unexpected and miserable Must fall back

. Fish as soon as she gave to the hot oil pan, even turned off in the air. Eat and splashing out, causing the kitchen to stand away and sucked away and looked at the scene of the fish "jumping" Get out of the pan and finally fell to the ground. Looking on this scene where netizens could not help smile
Many people are excited about the reason why there is a disaster to cook like this. Besides people who point out the cause, there are many humorous comments that make the owner of the clip listen to finish. . "Tat toughly, what's", "sometimes the fish has not surgery, still leaving it and put it on fry so it is so new, so" or "you should pour a lot of oil, fish No more jumps "... are netizen comments. Looking down, to explain the scene of fish into the oil pan still as above, most netizens agreed that the error is due to preliminary processing Thoroughly. However, there is no too many people to mind the real reason of this phenomenon. Everyone appears to be interested and laughs when watching the clip
So you can see, sometimes you haven't needed to worry about the flip of the fish so that you are clever, frying for the two sides, right from the stage of fishing into the oil pan There was also a lot of people to cry, the most clumsy and clumsy associations and hated the kitchen. Before that, many cases of disaster fish were transmitted by Netizen.

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