Invention Of Visual Support Technology Equipment

The device is a combination of gaming gaming and glasses, it creates 3D images that text, graphics and videos can be covered on the real world image <: 00/2: 52 Northern people The two-year-old son named Biel fell often, having trouble climbing stairs after the practice period, Jaume Puig and his wife went to medical help to find the problem. Do you come to a number of doctors, They have just discovered that BIEL has a poor vision of birth, a much more common condition than blindness that makes daily work more difficult. In the case of BIEL, poor eyesight is due to the problem About visual nerves but this situation can also be due to defects in the retina, brain or other parts of the visual system, or due to diseases such as glaucoma or golden point degeneration. Poor power Can be treated with glass or surgery. And while the magnifying glass can help perform specific jobs such as reading, no available technology support for toddlers

. So in 2017, Jaume Puig - a Western Electric Engineer Ban Nha with his wife is Dr. Constanza Lucero, established Biel Glasses, a digital device invention company to help those with poor eyesight safely move. "Sticks and navigation dogs are The only options available
We do this because we see it really necessary, "said Jaume Puig, 52, to AFP at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, the largest annual meeting of the telecommunications industry. His head wear and wife are displayed at the exhibition. Is the combination of gaming glasses and glasses, it creates 3D images in which writing, graphics and videos can be covered on the pictures Photos in the real world. The device also uses anyone to detect and signal obstacles. "We can use these technologies to enhance their limitations for their children to be more independent. Even if we can not cure for you, we can still help you this way, "said Jaume Puig about Biel, now 8 years old. When the one who worn approached an object blocking their path, a big circle Red will appear on the screen to warn them about that obstacle. It also allows them to enlarge the street sign or other objects. The development of this glass consumes 900 thousand euros, in which couple invests 65,000 euros and the rest from public organizations and community funding. They worked with a group of doctors and computer engineers, including one of the leading Spanish experts on poor eyesight, to create approved products used in the European Union
The device is expected to be sold in Spain and Denmark by the end of this year. This special glass should be customized according to the specific needs of each user and is currently sold for $ 4,900 (US $ 5,850) .Jaume Puig, who has established a number of other technology startups, currently HY Hope to supplement voice activation features and operational navigation systems with Google Maps in future versions of the device.

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