Investing In Agriculture, Not Easy To Eat!

Investment in vegetables vietnamese since 2016, but until now, after 5 years, Mr. Thuan has no significant profit. Even, he said that no loss was still sewing! 0:00 / 4: South of the southern region on the charm to growing vegetables, Mr. Vu Dinh Thuan, Director of Nhat Viet Vegetable Joint Stock Company (Hung Yen City ) Tell: he came from farmers. Each business of dental equipment

. After a vegetable eating in the market, he decided to grows vegetables for use in the family and donate and give relatives. At the same time, he often recommends people about the potential risks from eating "Dirty" vegetables. As a result, he was local to participate in the project to increase the reliability in the field of crop production in the Northern region, funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Hung Yen city
Seeing the enthusiasm, he decided to abandon his dental equipment business, transferred to vietnam vietnamese vegetables and vegetable production in Nhat Viet Vegetable Joint Stock Company. Photo: H.The head (2016), he only built 500m2 membrane house for growing leaf vegetables. After mobilizing some households, contributing capital to establish a company and hire the field to expand the cultivated area. Every year, it has increased by a year, so far, the company has 3.9ha of all kinds of vegetable vegetables, in which, there are 5,000m2 of mesh houses, membrane houses. Safe vegetables. Production is not profitable, but it has created a stable job for 12 local workers with a salary of VND 6-8 million / person / month (depending on the job). In addition, there are two warehouses in Hanoi to temporarily temporarily store green vegetables before being included in supermarkets. Regarding vegetable planting techniques, no experience management and production management
Besides, some shareholders lack their enthusiasm, leading to hard-consensus in many production and business goals. "With the above limited existence. Production without loss was very lucky! ", Mr. Thuan comforted itself. Some vegetables were produced at the company. Photo: spread, in the above situation, there will be many people give up. But with him, the more difficult it was to be as possible. Accordingly, he carried out the structure of the company, expanding the joint venture, enhancing the exchange of learning. Well, through JICA project, the company has been researching and vegetable researchers and learning Vietnam Institute of Agriculture enthusiastically guide VietGAP process on vegetables. In particular, there are many Japanese farmers, have surpassed language and geographical obstacles, 1-2 times a year to the company, directly hand held just how to use reasonable fertilizer on each vegetable, Why the productivity reaches the highest, the most reliable quality. As a result, the company has gradually overcome difficulties, actively participating in a part of a mobile production capital. Throughout the vegetable planting model of the company, we see: High-sensitive vegetables with pests and diseases ( Tomatoes, coffee, shells, sweetness, beans) are grown in a net house, membrane house. Vegetables are more resistant to pests (cabbage, su hao, melon, bitter melon, green pumpkin, cucumber, wigs, lettuce, reform) mainly cultivate genuine natural cases. Vegetables are intercropped with the field of fields, helping to reduce the pressure of pests and vegetables compared to pure cultivation on the same area. Japanese people visit the company in 2018. Photo: h.. Applying to the market, the company has linked to produce cabbage vegetables, Su Hao, tomatoes, parked with farmers in Moc Chau and Son La. There is also a link to consume with some melon planting farms, melon mesh aims to have more products for orders in the same supply system of the company. "Tomatoes, cabbage, beans planted in Moc Chau The spring summer crop meals much better than the same product in the Delta ", Mr. Thuan turned on the company with a way to create, in the right direction. While reducing the investment budget to build a net house, membrane houses, and exploiting regional ecological advantages for diversification of vegetables, high quality supply for markets, improving prestige manufacturers ... "Planning to 2022, the company will raise the total area of vietnamese vegetable cultivation to 5.6ha. We are looking forward to the local government to facilitate cultivation land. For access to advantages From the policies to encourage production development from the State, "Mr. Thua petitions." The vegetable company of Japanese fruits also faced many difficulties in expanding the cultivated area. But always practicing good agricultural production. Agricultural products have ensured food hygiene and safety in accordance with regulations, "said Ms. Trinh Kim Uyen, Head of Department of Quality Management of Hung Yen Agriculture, Forestry and Agriculture and Fishers.

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