Ios 14.7 Has Just Released Anything New?

Apple has released iOS 14.7 for all compatible iPhone, providing some new features such as supporting MAGAFE or Apple Card Family Card Family.0: 00/1: 45 narra names on July 19, iOS 14.7 is a copy Small updates for iPhone. Free iPhone users download via OTA form by visiting Settings> General> Software Update

. The most prominent feature of iOS 14.7 is to support MAGSAFE backup charging. Charging MagSafe is a new accessory that Apple has just introduced the previous day
You can view MAGSAFE's battery level via the Battery Widget on Homescreen or Today card announced Apple Card Family feature from April and it is available on iOS 14.6. In iOS 14.7, you are combined with credit limits, sharing a co-owner with existing Apple card users. You can also manage time on Homepod via the Home app. Air Quality Air Quality in Weather and Maps app extends to Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea and Spain. The Podcasts application allows users to view all programs or follow-up programs. Do not only bring new features, iOS 14.7 also patched some errors such as sudden stop errors Lossless sound on Dolby Atmos and Apple Music, The battery maintenance announcement error disappears after restarting the iPhone 11
.. However, according to some users, after IOS 14.7 update, they cannot unlock Apple Watch by unlocking the paired iPhone. Apple admits this error and instructs users to handle temporarily by entering the password into Apple Watch, instead of based on the iPhone. The company is committed to overcoming the error in the future update. People who forgot the Apple Watch password need to reset the machine. Business users are more complicated when the administrator request removes the password request and then cancel pairing with the iPhone, reset Apple Watch again.

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