Iphone 14 Series Will All Use Oled 120hz Background

Apple stands in front of the opportunity to reduce the dependence on direct competitors, Samsung.0: 00/1: 03 Nadlands here, almost only Pro models of the iPhone 13 series can own LTPO platforms OLED 120Hz because Apple does not have enough resources to release enough quantity and dependence on the production into Samsung. However, LG hopes to boost his game and start producing the required background plates in the year after. According to Korean media the Elec, the company can meet the demand for the launch of iPhone 14. LG is currently negotiating with Avaco, the company provides LTPO platform production equipment, and waiting for Apple to nod Head with production lines are sent

. Only when the agreement is signed, Avaco can start shipping equipment to LG's factory. If everything takes place in accordance with the plan, LG will be able to ensure that the entire iPhone 14 series, not only the Pro variant will be equipped with a modern background. The beneficiary in this deal is easy to see Apple when the company is diversified its supplies, reducing its dependence on Samsung

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