Iphone Will Change The Design In 2022?

Apple's Ming-Chi analyst Kuo has just revealed the iPhone 14 that can increase the size of 6.1 inches, while the iPhone 14 Pro, Max and Pro Max are likely to reach 6.7 inches. More, completely Maybe Apple can remove the rabbit ear screen, replace with a perforated camera in the middle of the screen, optimize the space for the phone's screen. The Face ID sensor will be integrated into the screen or Apple will have to put the Touch ID back with the embedded fingerprint sensor under the screen

. The back of the phone can also change with the flat camera cluster instead of as auction The previous system with a thicker glass and frame, provides a smooth shadow surface, allowing iPhone users to comfortably put the iPhone on the table without the case. About the camera, Apple can increase the ability to zoom for the device. The iPhone 14 Pro can be equipped with a 48 MP wide-angle camera, up from 12MP on iPhone 13 Pro models
It will also support 8k video recording. The iPhone 14 template can be made with titanium alloy frame, helping them have higher daily abrasion resistance, scratching or cracking, but it can increase life expectancy Overall phone If you are not the one who likes to race with technology. For other specifications, iPhone 14 will own the next generation A16 chip and the heat-saving system, providing trial power Ly faster with cooler inside temperatures. Kuo had previously said that the iPhone SE has 5G support and the processor upgrade will be released in early 2022.Theo DigitalTrendS

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