Iran Announced Negotiations With Saudi Arabia To Achieve Significant Progress

Speaking to the jurisdiction of the United Nations General Assembly (UN) in New York (USA), the Foreign Ministry spokesman Iran Saeed Khatibzadeh announced negotiations took place 'nice.' Iran Saeed Khatibzadeh's Foreign Ministry spokesman. (Source: AFP) Iran's Iranian news agency on September 23 leads the speech of Irania Saeed's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the negotiations between the country and Saudi Arabia have achieved "significant progress" Bay security issue.Iran and Saudi Arabia, countries have a majority of Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims in the Middle East, hostile together for many years and are supporting opposite parties in conflicts At Yemen, Syria and elsewhere. The two countries cut off diplomatic relations in 2016

. This 4 years, in the capital Baghdad of Iraq, Iranian officials and Saudi Arabia have had the first direct dialogue to heal relations after 5 years of cutting off Diplomatic system. The negotiations were started under the former President Hassan Rouhani and continued to maintain since the successor Ebrahim Raisi took office in August. Specifies with the boundary of the Conference General Assembly National (UN) takes place in New York (USA), Mr
Khatibzadeh announced negotiations took place "nice." He also called on countries to settle regional issues within without foreign intervention. Before, on September 22, King Saudi Arabia Salman expressed hope that negotiations with the negotiations with Iran will lead to "tangible results" to build trust and restart the cooperation relationship between the two countries ./. Phan An (VNA / Vietnam)

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