Iran Destroyed A Israeli Ship In Dubai?

An Iran's cruise missile attack on an Israeli ship at Jebel Ali Harbor, Dubai City, caused explosion can be seen from tens of kilometers away, according to Arab News.0: 00 / 1: 00 Southern Southern Explosion Photo Explosion from Video Posted on Arab Newstrang News Arab News reported, about midnight 7/7, at Harbor Jebel Ali, a strong explosion rang out. The explosion occurred on Israeli's ship, the ship was attacked by the Iranian army with the rocket. The explosion is so strong that it can be seen from a distance of tens of kilometers. According to many different sources, on this seawalker of Israeli contains weapons and oils and according to the first video, the ship has been completely destroyed and the port infrastructure is badly damaged

. Not There are victim information. So far, there is no official comment on this from the authorities, as well as the ship attacked by missiles yet confirmed.Theo information on Arab News of the Syrian army, Israeli ship Go to Jebel Ali Harbor a day before the explosion happened and it seemed that this ship of Israel was attacked two days ago in the Indian Ocean

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