Iran Threatened To Attack Azerbaijan For Daring To Say Bad Qassem Soleimani

Iranian Communications said the country's army was ready to attack the Azerbaijan forces within the next 24 hours, due to this national media, there was an offensive action to General Qassem Soleimani. Irania said, the National Army This is ready to attack the total force, enough to crush the entire territory of Azerbaijan. Accordingly, the attack can take place only after 24 hours of preparation. The multiplication of this extremely scary threat is a few days ago, Azerbaijan communications have posted ignoring images Qassem Soleimani - the general is considered the ironian national hero. Soleimani Qassem has been assassinated last year and died on the spot

. However, his great contributions and contributions, still respected by Iranians, he still was still cultivated as a hero. Irania said that Baku was conducting a series of actions Transferring troops along the border of the two countries. Besides, Azerbaijan also strengthened propaganda against Iran, causing the country to worry about about to have a fighting in the two countries
Including the portrait of Iran leaders, or integrating the portrait of key characters in the Iranian government, into the flag of gay gender. Observation of observations said that the most sarcastic actions are found In this Europe, it is the Nakyright in Muslim countries. Even for sarcastic actions, such as caricatures, can lead to bloody revenge, like what happened In Charlie Hebdo Edition in 2015. In the present time, the Iranian army is supposed to have about 610,000 permanent soldiers, in addition to 350,000 reserve soldiers, can be enlisted anytime. The country is ranking 14th in the world and is counted as the country with the strongest army in the Middle East region.Do is banned for a long time, Iranian army Weak research and production of domestic weapons. This makes Iran own the majority of all kinds of equipment, ready for prolonged wars or large-scale wars. In addition, Iran is also considered one of the few true Middle East countries The ability, access to a series of mass destruction of weapons. The type of mass destruction weapons that Iran may be completed in the near future, including chemical weapons, biological weapons , nuclear weapons and many other weapons, have been listed in the common ban. Even so, experts say that a large-scale war right at the moment, will not match With Iran's situation, when the country is having a lot of problems, making the domestic situation become unstable
Photo source: Yex. America attacks rebels by Iran "anti-back", operating in the border area between Iraq and Syria. Source: USAF. Tran Tran

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