Iranian Nuclear Agreement: Still A Vicious Circle

'Western and American is the pressure but we will have negotiations on the agenda without being affected by pressure. We seek negotiations with orientation and objectives to remove sanctions for Iran '- September 4, Iranian President, Mr. Ebrahim Raisi - Declaring Downloadance: 00/6: 45 Southern and reality, after 6 rounds of negotiations, regardless of whether all sides expressed their desire to restore the historical agreement called a comprehensive general action plan (JCPOO), there are still serious disagreements between the US and Iran.Chen to squeeze the purpose, from the internal aspect, the biggest pressure on Iranian diplomats does not seem to be the "domineering" of the United States and the West, as they describe. As the pressure has been identified by the international observers for many years, which has caused former Iranian President - Mr

. Hassan Rouhani - Must "Labeling a lot of miserable" in his teniment term and is currently unemployed Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi considered the action orientation: uncompromising, or briefly speaking "Western post" nature, in Iran.Iran's sense of social consciousness - Hammer problem for President M Joe Biden.Ngay from the end of August, this was once again publicly available
On August 29, speaking at the first cabinet session, President Raisi said that it was necessary to separate the country's economic issues with nuclear negotiations and all government members, especially the muscle Economic coordinates of the Government, need to consider this issue. In particular, he emphasized the need to pay attention to the 10 key directions that the Great Sense of Ali Khamenei - Iran's Supreme Mental Leader - each made to solve economic problems. Accordingly, President Raisi said that she should not let the nuclear issue overshadowed the country's foreign policy, and urged the officials to resolve independent economic issues with US sanctions As well as the results of recent nuclear negotiations.Ta can understand that message briefly: Iran will not compromise with the West and the US on the negotiating table. They are not willing to trade the terms of JCPOA to take economic benefits at all costs. It's a day, secretary of Iranian Supreme National Security Council - Mr. Ali Shamkhani accused US President Joe Biden threatened Iran is illegal to say that "can consider other options" if the nuclear diplomacy with Tehran fails, when it comes to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett - rival in Iran's area - at the White House. Ali Samkhani wrote on his Twitter: "The emphasis on using other options for (Iran) is no different from unauthorized threatening and giving Iran the right to respond." Ali Khamenei's owner said: "The US current government is not different from the predecessor government because of what this government requires from Iran about other nuclear issues about other words, but the same request but former President Trump launched ". Day 1-9, Iranian Foreign Minister - Mr
Hossein Amir Abdollahian affirmed: Iran does not accept only general negotiations at negotiations in Vienna (Austria) to restore seed agreements Multiplication of the comprehensive General Action Plan (JCPOO) signed in 2015. "Negotiations must serve the interests of Iranian people" and "US officials need to respect Iranian people" - he stressed. 4-9, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi clarified: Iran is ready to negotiate with world powers to revive the kernel agreement signed in 2015, which direction Go to the goal of removing sanctions, but not under the Western "pressure". The scene around JCPOA in September-2021, it seems to be the almost intact repetition in 2018 - Five former US President Donald Trump took the US country to leave the agreement - and lasted until the United States United States had a new President. The destination still far away "the door of time will not open infinitely" - like German Foreign Ministry spokesman, member of Group P5 1 (USA, Russia, China, England, France and Germany - JCPOA powers with Iran in 2015), "Reminder". But, until now, no stakeholders have given the solution to disassemble the authentic feasibility deadlock. The absolute consensus between Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. Iran, even if the current president declares to restore negotiations, keeping the "line" at the core point: the US withdraw from the nuclear agreement first, so the US is the violation, so Any form of US punishment imposed on Iran is a violation of international law and Iran has the right to respond. Moreover, the prerequisites to restore JCPOA still unchanged: The United States must unilaterally remove all sanctions, to show goodwill. However, until after the 6th round of negotiations, America - Do No longer a member of JCPOA - doesn't have a chance to discuss directly with Iran. All the messages that the US wants to convey must be through intermediates, but here are mainly 3 European Allies. N

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