Is Genetically Modified Food Safe?

More and more genetically modified foods are sold in the market. However, many consumers have not really understood genetically modified foods and health effects 09: 00/4: 22 namts. Pham Thuy Duong, faculty of Biotechnology Faculty, Oriental University. Pham Thuy Duong, lecturer in Biotechnology, Oriental University will talk about this problem. What is genetically modified food? GMO (GMO - Genetically Modified Oganism) is one of the products The preeminent product that the biotechnology has given the agricultural industry in particular and human life in general

. Genetically modified food generated by transgenic techniques to add or remove or select genes benefits to the destination creature to improve the productivity and quality of these creatures. The birth of GMO has created good product and pet varieties and good quality, resistance to these Change of high weather, limit the use of plant protection drugs, growing stimulants in the development process contributing to ensuring food security, poverty reduction as well as saving land production , Reduce pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Genetically modified foods for good productivity and quality
Since its birth up so far C Issues related to genetically modified foods are always discussed, even harshly. The controversy took place between a supporter of the use of GMO food and one side obstructed or skeptical about this issue. Is genetically modified food safe? Is the GMO proof safe or not one The problem requires a long, thorough and difficult process because of consideration and evaluation of many factors. Before bringing genetically modified foods to be sold in the market, manufacturers must conduct a rigorous testing of product quality and testing to confirm without toxins and not harm consumers . These tests are conducted on many animal species such as mice, fish, chicken, cows and evaluation criteria including growth, development, fertility, meat quality, milk as well as the Toxins arising If there is in animals after eating soybeans with genetically modified. Animal studies have shown that there is no harmful effect between genetically modified and genetically modified foods. More than 20 years since genetically modified foods have been put into use so far have no official reports on the harmful effects caused by GMO foods in humans. The most stringent scientific organizations and governments In food safety control such as WHO, FAO, the British Royal Association and more than 60 countries have confirmed GMO safely and allowed use. They all support the application of biotechnology that will contribute to resolving food security and nutrition in the context of globalization. There are no specific evidence of the effects of genetically modified food With health
Song with these ideas, many researchers also have certain concerns about some health risks when using genetically modified food products such as allergenic capabilities, home Antibiotics resistance, the development of cancer or concerns about the ability to harm the environment by the risk of changing the ecosystem. However, all of these concerns have not been proven and There are specific evidence. In fact, it is still possible to survive toxins in genetically modified foods, because traditional crops and genetically modified crops differ in genes that regulate the desired status. The amount of natural toxin (if any) exists in traditional crops will also be present in transgenic crops. However, it is important that in the food we eat since the past now exists toxins Certain content but most at the level of safety with users. Scientists said that the allergenic or poisoning of a protein is very low because they have been transformed during processing, at the same time, they are resolved in the process of digestion. Normal consumption of genetically modified products is an inevitable development of human science and life. With the pressure of the population and food, along with the development of science, we can now create plants and animals with higher productivity and most are safer than before. The safe face is still not enough evidence to make a conclusion that genetically modified food is safe to human health? So the right to decide whether to use or not depends entirely on consumers. Consumers need to have certain insights on genetically modified food before deciding to use. Consider a few different options, instead of entirely protesting because this is one of the most strict-controlled products. If you have decided to use, choose foods with clear origin, receive The product is genetically modified through the code or see food labels, verification labels to ensure your health and family.

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