Is Nissan Vietnam Too ‘ostentatious’ About Almera’s Fuel Consumption?

Nissan Almera has the best fuel consumption distributor in segment at 4.2 liters / 100 km, whether it is true as advertising.Nissan Vietnam has 'ostentatious' about consumption performance Fuel of Almera? Nissan Almera has just launched the Vietnamese market received by the advertisement, which is a model with many technologies that lead the segment, and also got the distributor to heal when equipped with a 1.0L Turbo engine. The first time appeared on the B

.theo sedan line introduced this engine as a 3-cylinder turbocharged, a capacity of 1.0 liters with a capacity of 98 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and maximum torque at 2,400 rounds / / Mouthpiece is to use the turbocharger engine but the capacity of Nissan Almera is completely "levied" before the opponents use a normal 4-cylinder engine. For example, Toyota Vios has a capacity of 107 horsepower, Hyundai Accent has a capacity of 100 horsepower or Honda City with a capacity of up to 119 horsepower
It is worth mentioning that this turbocharged engine is only opened in some Market in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam or Malaysia, while Japanese automobile manufacturers have not applied this engine in large markets in the world. Big and most demanding America, Nissan carmaker does not see this type of engine when selling ALmera 2021 but only provides a normal 4-cylinder gasoline engine, 1.6 liter capacity, capacity up to 122 horsepower and maximum torque 155 nm. Fuel consumption of vehicles at 7.3 liters / 100 km in the city, 5.9 liters / 100 km of highway and 6.7 liters / 100 km of combination roads. Vietnam market, in addition to Nissan , Ford Vietnam is also using a turbo 3-cylinder turbocharged engine on the Ecosport model but has a lot more powerful capacity. Specifically, the car uses the Ecoboost Turbo engine with a maximum capacity of 123 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and extremely torque of 170 nm at 1,400 - 4,500 rpm. Besides the boosting of turbocharger engine , Distributor also launched Nissan Almera with the best fuel consumption in segment at 4
2 liters / 100 km when operating on the highway. This is considered an utopian figure for the global automobile manufacturing industry with traditional combustion engines. Both the Ford Ecosport model uses the same turbocharger engine, the power is stronger There are fuel consumption amounts up to 6,41 liters / 100 km.Ford Ecosport has a fuel consumption of 6,41 liters / 100 kmtheo evaluation of senior experts in the field of transmission system at LMC Automotive Group , Mr. Mike Omotoso, said the turbocharged engine can only guarantee good performance and for high fuel-saving capabilities according to the manufacturer's ads when we drive at certain velocities if going overpassed Then these numbers will not guarantee accurately. To check the authenticity of fuel economy in advertisements from automobile manufacturers, Consumer Reports - the most prestigious magazine of America Onions tests and evaluates on 11 models using a turbocharged motor of 7 automobile manufacturers in the world capable of saving fuel. The fruit is given by Consumer Reports even more frustration when compared to the evaluation of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The question is why the type of turbocharged engine often reaches the end The fruit rated quite well in the EPA organization test? In the opinion of Mr. Mike Omotoso, automobile manufacturers have "spleened the law" and utilized the loophole in the EPA organization's test. When attending, the models before being included to check were calibrated professionals to bring the best results in fuel economy. So these numbers would probably not be main The body is in actual conditions. Because the time to take the EPA test, only about 12 minutes and the vehicle runs at a maximum speed of about 96 km / h with an average speed of about 7 km / h. With such low velocity, the turbocharged motor will maximize its advantages. It can be seen that Nissan Japan is not a traditional automobile manufacturer with turbocharged engine, most is with small cylinder engine type. Therefore, the level of reliability for turbochargers and fuel consumption such as advertising on the Almera model still needs more time to evaluate. Selling prices and most expensive maintenance costs Not only "Far" in front of the car's power rivals, Nissan Almera also has a great disadvantage in Vietnam when there is a lack of the most competitive price .So with two competitors "horns" is Hyundai Accent and Toyota Vios, Almera has a higher selling price than tens of millions of dongs, even higher than Kia Soluto to hundreds of million dongs, the standard version of Almera MT (price 469 million) higher than Accent 1.4 MT ( Price 426.1 million dong) nearly 43 million VND; Almera CVT version (price of 529 million VND) is higher than two versions of Accent 1.4 MT (472 million VND) and 1.4 AT (VND 501 million) of Hyundai Accent 57 million items

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