Is There A Disease ‘hard To Say’, Why Duong Quy Africa Still Makes King Fascinate?

Duong Ngoc Hoan is a famous quarterly street house. Few people know that the African charism of Huyen Tong has a hard-to-speak disease in the body. Even so, this beauty has great moves that makes the king to love himself. It is classified as a list of four great beauties in Chinese history, Duong Quy Africa is famous for its beautiful beauty causing Huyen Tong Si and all Infere inner ink. The quarter of the street house was described with the face of Diem Le, the skin was smooth, white and the body was praised as the great beauty but Duong Quy Khu did not bring perfect beauty

. African charism of Huyen Tong road has a difficulty to speak, even less charming, some historical researchers revealing the great beauty of the world with a large defect is suffering from the armpit. Road houses are worried, late because of fear of causing Huyen Tong's path to hate. To improve the defect of the body, Duong Quy Africa always shampoo many times a day
African charism of Huyen Tong route often uses mulberry leaves, leaves to cook water to help his body aromatic, eliminating the armpit odor. Also, Duong Quy Africa also or bath with hot mineral water and help handle the smell The body's annoyance has just had to prevent illness. Next, Duong Quy Africa mistook women to take many fresh flowers and nectar drops into bathing water. As a result, the body of this beauty emits a gentle aroma that makes the king fall in love, remember not forever. This beauty has a great way to make Huyen Tong Si's path to be used to use a drug that enhances "love" such as: jasmine oil, virgin oil, medical oil, oil, food Tu ... Duong Quy Ao loves to eat fabric. This fruit that helps this beauty is always young, healthier and keeps sharp than people. With these things, she has always been Huyen Tong Huyen Nhac, although the harvest has thousands of non-frequent women
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