Is There A University In Vietnam To Be Funded By 5,000 Billion?

Recently, information about the fact that a Vietnamese entrepreneur sponsored a university (University) of an extremely large amount, nearly VND 5,000 billion, is a shocking information 9: 00/2: 16 The southern shocked by until now, unidently a Vietnamese university received such a large funding, whether abroad or in the country. One thing we all saw when comparing university Vietnam with universities in advanced countries in the world. That is the financial resources of our universities almost entirely dependent on tuition, while for universities in advanced countries, their financial resources have a large contribution from funding and donation sources Of individuals as well as businesses. As a result, they have more resources in investing in equipment for research and learning. Why are our universities less sponsored, donated? Perhaps we must first look Back to our university management

. As a result, when donating or sponsoring a certain universities, people often look at the target of the University to see what the school towards it, truly pursues the service of communities, serving good society are not? Or that school is only to increase revenue, increase profits to serve the university, not for the benefit of learners or communities? The second is transparency in financial use. One thing is easy to see that in Vietnam, we only know the general collection and almost no one known how much the monthly income of the Board of Directors, the school council leader is. Besides, when inspecting public universities, many cases are not in case of discovering financial-related violations of these schools
Feedful things that make the trust of the community into the use of talents The main of the universities in TA is very low? And is this one of the causes of universities that we rarely receive funding, donation or if there is a modest level? Therefore, to be able to receive funding, donation from plus Copper as well as the enterprise, the universities in our universities must first do so society see that they aim to serve the community, for society in fact, not in writing. Second, the university in our university needs to be transparent in detail the school's expenses and right for the community to see the spending of the school is reasonable, reliable. Hope the above changes can create owls In order for universities to get more funding from outside, especially from successful entrepreneurs. And then, unemployed universities have to take care of tuition as long as to reduce the financial burden for learners. Le Minh Tien

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