Is This A Female Singer With Many Intimate Moments With The King Most Than The Battle?

From the gameshow to the music stage, this female singer and the king of the most doors are very close. Besides the impressive acting career, the most recent King will continue to warm up the name when to take on the role of coach in the chapter The Street Dance of China 4 and put his team win for 2 consecutive years. It can be seen that, even though the patriotic behind her role and is expected to explode more in the acting career, but not so that the other Skills of the United Kingdom are overshadowed. Famous for performing skills on stage, so it is rare for any artists "overwhelmed" by the United States every time. However, there was a female singer that was not worse at the end of the stage with the United States with the most popular

. Outstanding performance skills. The procedure is one of the idols that have quite a lot of stages that combine the most king. In quite a lot of combined stages, the procedure shows the balance in the way to perform with the most king
Besides the voice, dance, the interactions of both on the stage are also one of the factors that attract audiences. Before that, the King of Uncle and the most of them have a lot of combination stages. Both often bring extremely hot and "roll" dance. The relationship of the United Kingdom and the procedure is also very good when both often have the opportunity to participate in gameshow together, so the duo is also enthusiastic by the audience.

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