Is Your Marriage Right Or Wrong?

Life is a journey sometimes 'blooming' sometimes 'deadlock'. Life, with some people is like a game, but the number of participants are fearful that they will lose. The marriage is the same, but just do you spend the heart to experience, right or wrong anything anymore? 0: 00/3: 09 nam nam nay here, the day we also head off the dark face Toan surface. LO LO DEADLINE OFFICE; Any worry of eating, houses, learning, children's schools; Then there is a while of their relatives .

.. busy too sometimes make us see your life .
. well. Now, in the context of epidemic, maybe we have more time, live , watching more carefully, reviewing more things ... especially about my marriage. Our couple touches each other more, interacting with each other deeper, longer around together ... so sometimes we see how unstable
Many times I asked my marriage right or wrong. And right or wrong is based on any criteria? There are "standard non-tuning" marriages from getting acquainted, finding, choosing the other half, to sketch the panorama of marriage when medium About life. Then the two constantly trained and revised themselves in every word of food, voice, attitude together. Everything happened very beautifully, ten steps at all ten steps. But suddenly this moment they didn't connect anymore. And the potential marriage is wrong! There are marriages that seem wrong from the beginning, from choosing a lover in blindness, until they entered marriage without the preparation of skills as well as Knowledge, then there is no clear plan about the upcoming steps for family life ... but right now, this moment, they connect and communicate with each other. From there that they suddenly saw the common goal and began to sketch the picture they wanted to get. And then they reached sympathy, in the inside, so they gradually practiced them together. Although earlier wrong, now this is definitely true, so their marriage is right. So, the right or wrong in marriage does not depend on the past you did anything right or wrong, and doing it right or how many times; or how clearly plans to be planned. Because the right - wrong of the only relationship is determined immediately in every moment. The existing moment is true, the wrong moment is wrong is wrong. The true of marriage is true for every moment and right with each person. That's right to express over the moment, each of us is really fully and devoted to the present, gaining a connection with yourself, feeling the peace and fullness of flowing in me. And the marriage is right not to be smooth, it is peaceful, is happy and happy; It is not an effort to attach, repair and change to every price to stay together; But sometimes it is a farewell in recognition and peace because I realize this marriage really needs to go to the staple. When you break up, you are happy and peaceful, the marriage has passed is right. Upcoming journeys. Because when you are actually present at the present, even if you love the right person or love the wrong person, love the right way or love the wrong way, have a marriage plan or not ... no more important. Because the most important thing is the truth, that the only truth is the current moment, moment right now! According to net law

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