Isaac Newton – The Founder Of Classical Physics

Isaac Newton (1642 - 1727) - British physicist, mathematics, is considered a genius of humanity. He was also the world of the world as the 'founder of the classical physics'.isaac Newton (1642 - 1727) - the physicist, England mathematics, which is considered a genius of mankind. He was also correct by the world as "the founder of the classical physics" .vnreview writing, Isaac Newton was born on 4/1/1643 at Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire (England), the only son of a local farmer , name Isaac

. ISAAC Newton's father died before he was born for three months. Newton was born prematurely, lightweight and very weak so he was initially seemed to not be year after his father died, Newton's mother, Hannah Ayscough, let him live with grandmother
Newton returned to his mother and 3 children with his mother, he was 12 years old, after his stepfather died. The memories of "intense childhood" have influenced and left imprinted marks that made Newton many years later exhibited as an acute insecurity. He was always worried and obsessed with his published work and protected it with irrational behavior. ISAAC Newton's farmers were extremely scared when they saw something that looked bizarre, Cut out red light like blood fluttering in the sky. They thought, it could be an omen for a disaster or something that would not heal in the farm. Only Newton's boy still casually stood in the home yard, under the apple tree, soon jerking the rope in his hand, making the "monster" more aggressively dancing, intimidating. Finally, it was probably bored with the game he slowly slowly coil. Star of Newton's reflective telescope, which he gave to the royal society in 1672 "monsters" with red pussy , Ve the tail, Chao went to Chao and rushed down to the farm, SA into Newton's garden. Everyone rushed to, turned out to the Newton boy who was collecting a kite and turned off the lantern with a red cellophane dangling in the tail. They scolded the naughty boy and guessed the future of himself
Alternatively, everyone was frightening because of the silence that the Newton boy's self-windmill was still filming. They doubted that mischievous boy had ghosts, Newton had left a mouse in the windmill, the mouse turned around a wheel, making the moving propellers. From the baby, Newton fell in love with the model to forget to forget to sleep. One of them is a water meter model, a jet car running by steam, the sun clock and many other things. Unexpectedly, these childhood games are a step to prepare for a young, ill, orphaned boy right from before they become a great illistentist in great scholars " . Studying the "Attractive Chemistry World" program at King's school in the town of Grantham, the boy Isaac Newton was arrested by her mother to go to farmers, proceeding to manage farms. Due to not interested in agriculture, NEWTON was later asked by his mother to continue to study at King school. After finishing the universal school, at 18 years old, Isaac Newton enrolled in studying and studying at Cambridge University. The first three years of college, Newton was taught according to the standard program but he was particularly passionate about advanced science subjects. Free time, he reads books of modern philosophers, leading to poor academic results. Finally, Isaac Newton also graduated from Cambridge University without any difference, if he did not want to be worse than his peers. The plague raging throughout Europe in 1665, forcing Isaac Newton to return to his hometown Housing Woolsthorpe. It was the time to 2 years of isolation because the epidemic began to open the career of Newton genius. He launched a series of important innovations for mathematics such as differential, integral and simplified various methods, including infinite calculation methods, basis for lighting and color theory Colors, planetary movement rules. After that, he published the Principia physical book and the theory of gravity. Since then, the name Isaac Newton is known by the lives. Yam 1666, Newton observed the spectrum of the color escaping from the prism in the position with a minimalist, even if the rays entered Prism is a circle, meaning the prism refracting different colors according to different angles. Information from the science page said that the rural aristocracy family. Niua's father died before he was born. At birth of a sickness and turns. Mothers care about health care for NiiThe more than healing .Newton for science, but in daily people are heartless, or forgotten, he often works forgets. Once Newton invited you to the house to eat rice. You arrived in soup, but Newton still fell in the lab, his friend did not bother him, waiting for a long time without saw him out, automatically eating a chicken backwards, putting bones in the tray Go to the sleeping chair. After Newton came out, sweaty, called you up and asked you something; Then go to her eating preparing to eat. When seeing

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