Isaac Newton’s Mouse And Inventions

Isaac Newton DIY models of watches, windmills, beds for doll houses. He also observed the preparation of the drug, thereby explining the basic principles of chemistry 9: 00/3: 19 namisaac Newton always have potential possibilities for great things. But the boy at the time she rarely used those capabilities to overcome the challenges, and seemed to have default to live the life of a shepherd in the farm. Face bullying at the school has made He was no longer sad and started learning about science seriously. Childhood poetry of the scientists

. Photo: Kim Dong Nxb.isaac Newton was born on Christmas in 1642 in the small village of Woolsthorpe in the countryside of England. His father was also named Isaac Newton, died three months earlier
Based pretty young, the younger Isaac was so small that his mother thought he could fit in a beer. She always put a small pillow under her head to keep your airway higher, it could breathe easier. Many people in the village don't believe that Isaac can survive the newborn period, but he did They were surprised. Later, Isaac lived to 84 years old.isaac grew up in his family's farm, named Woolsthorpe Manor. When he was three years old, she remarried and came to live with a new husband in the village a few miles away. She left Isaac for her mother to take care of. Some of Isaac's relatives and relatives lived nearby but they never came to play with him. Above a shabby attic. He painted the paintings of birds, boats, plants and different geometrics
When drawing an object and pleased, he would switch to making a copy of it. Isaac spent his entire pocket money to buy tools: saw, chisel, ax and hammer. He was alone every hour in the room to create the model of the sun, windmill and bed cabinet for the doll house. Robert Hannah's Robert Hannah draws Isaac Newton in Woolsthorpe housing garden, autumn 1665. Photo: FineArtamerica.Whi Isaac is 12 years old, he moved to the town of Grantham a few kilometers from Woolsthorpe to go to school. Because the new school is far away from home, Isaac stayed with the Clark family, who managed a drug store in the village. Clark often put medicine at home. This helps Isaac have the opportunity to observe and explore the basic principles of chemistry. He also learned how to use herbs to treat different diseases.Isaac continues to draw, manufacture objects and do experiments when he lives in Grantham. His watchmarks are so qualified that it can be known now for just now by observing the light in the room. He even manages its own "water meter", a time measuring device through small droplets steadily from one bowl to another. For this time, the science project is ambitious Most of Isaac is a windmill controlled by famous rodents, or known as the name "Molding Miller". Isaac's time, the windmill is a new, so when there is a A windmill was built on the edge of the town, people went to the mile to see it. But ISSAC was more excited than just watching the buddy machine with that fan. She studied it very carefully and created her own model. His miller force was created by a mouse to run to get the corn seeds. Not long after, the town of the town of Grantham bored to watch the real windmill and pulled to the icebill of Isaac. However, not all ISAAC experiments were interested. For example, he designed a paper kite and attached to which the paper lantern was lit by a candle. When the townspeople saw the kite appearing in the night sky, they thought it was a comet to fall into the earth, so he rushed home. David Stabler / NXB Kim Dong

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