Israel Traps When Attacking Syria: Hiding Behind The Civilian

Russian newspaper Israeli traps the air defense system in Syria to attack the middle of the night 19/8 with civil aircraft.0: 00/0: 00 Non-professional Russian region of Russia recently comment on the attack Aerial in Syria at midnight 19 / 8.Clip Israel attacked Syria night August 19: According to Russia, "Israeli army is once again performing dangerous actions publicly, not only shown in An attack on Syrian territory but also in the efforts to push the Russian army into situations that can accidentally destroy civil aircraft in Lebanon, Syria and the east of the Mediterranean sea ".Theo data of the page The Russian newspaper was provided by military sources, the region 19/8 night by the region, Israel tried to trap Russian military by attacking Syrian territory and hiding after 3 civilian aircraft. However , thanks to the situation that was completely controlled by Russia's S-400 missile controls, so the tragedy with the above civil aircraft was avoided

. Israel's actions, international airports Beirut was forced to stop working. Data on the flight of civilian aircraft was taken into account as the Israeli Air Force aircraft as a shield. Russia said, in the attack, the fighter Israel hid behind and protected by civilian aircraft flying through the territory of Syria, Lebanon and the east of the Mediterranean Sea
So some Israeli goals are not shot down by Russian and Syria. Russian military experts noted when commenting on the situation: "This is an action ... dangerous and blatant to be investigated. Perhaps the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) should pay attention to Israeli actions. "This is not the first time the Israeli side uses such tactics, but it seems this time Israel has Trying to trap Russia. Moscow is supporting the Syrian air defense force very effective against external attacks. Here are a few weeks, the Syrian army has been able to push back 13 out of 14 missiles shot In Syria thanks to the support of the Russian army. Before that, Syrian Sana state news agency said the country's military said, the Syrian army intervened the attack on the Damascus sky at 23h 3 minutes (now Local) On August 19
Israel has made missiles from Lebanese airspace, the southeast of Beirut. The attack targets base in the outskirts of Damascus and Homs (Syria). , Most missiles have been shot down by Syria's air defense system. Russian Center for Mediation The Syrian battlefields previously announced the successful destruction of the Drone missiles and aircraft attacks Syria's facilities with Pantsir-S and Buk-m2 combinations produced by Russia (equipped for Syrian air defense forces).

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