Istock Expanded In Asia And Introduced The Vietnamese Website

Vietnamese search capacity currently accepts phrases such as 'spinach', 'Hanoi', and 'cow noodle' with full translation and localization contents of iStock vocabulary. Regarding visual communication with reasonable expenses for creative communities, entrepreneurs, students and small businesses, today has released an Istock website experience in Vietnamese. This new experience shows the growing preference in the use of images and videos for Vietnamese businesses and the extensive level of popularity of visual communications companies in Asia.istock Listen to customers and note needs to expand native language options to allow customers in Vietnam to search for images, video clips and design elements with Vietnamese words and phrases . With a search engine that uses itself, Vietnamese businesses can get better experience when looking for professional photos and videos from Istock

. With language capacity, search functions Also has been updated so that the search results are shown in the type of native language use. These updates mean that thousands of Istock customers in Vietnam will find it easier than ever when they want to find great creative content for projects from millions of images, videos and high illustrations. Level of manual selection - All have a reasonable price
Grant Farhall, Product Manager, Istock said: "Every language has at least a few words or phrases that cannot be translated into English. Vietnamese is also an exception. We have carefully studied the cultural lines of common phrases in Vietnam and putting Istock vocabulary. Transferring stories in visual ways play an important role in digital and mobile communications in Vietnam, and increasing access to images and videos can be licensed to allow businesses Vietnam transactions are more creative on common social networks. Vietnam is a fast growing market for Istock. We are committed to accelerating the penetration process in Vietnam, creating easier conditions with a more reasonable cost so that Vietnamese businesses can communicate effectively with their customers, and their next step I am providing a more localized experience through language support and analysis ".istock, providing more than 135 million image files, videos and illustrations originating from the community and through the way Valuation is simple and reasonable. Supported from Getty Images's graphic professional capacity, Istock helps the creative team and large and small businesses create beautiful media products with affordable costs. With this debut, along With the English version, Istock supports 18 languages, including: Czech, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portugal (Brazil), Poland, Russia, Japan, Welding, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Thai, Indonesia, and China (Hong Kong).

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