It Sounds Strange: Wash Your Face Under The Shower Easily Formed Ugly Wrinkles

Let's find out why washing your face under the shower to be harmful to you! 0:00 / 1: 48 realms of the realm is when bathing, many sisters have a habit of washing their face under the shower because it's convenient. Many people feel interested in getting water from face massage shower, drain fatigue. However this is not good for the skin. Here are the reasons you should not wash your face under the shower.1

. Making acne conditions get worse than hot water for a long time can lose the natural oil layer needed for skin to be healthy. And if you have dry skin, wash your face under the shower can make your skin get worse. Apply more moisturizer to help skin less dry but can make skin easier to get acne and have other skin infections
Effect on the color of the face under the shower can make your skin red. Hot water when bathing makes blood vessels on the face, can damage the fragile capillaries on the cheeks. Therefore, this is often capable of causing Rosacea - a very common skin condition causes rash on the face and often creates red marks, even red acne or acne ...3. Easy to form wrinkles can notice how fingers are wrinkled after a long hot bath. This is because hot water takes away moisture on the skin and damages the skin protection layer to help lock the moisture. Facial skin can be aging faster if exposed to regular hot water.4
Making healthy skin becomes more sensitive to face under the shower also does not benefit the skin. Hot water can significantly affect healthy skin, causing dry and more sensitive skin. It is better to limit the face to face water directly from the hot water, especially during the dry winter months when the skin is easily dry and irritating than.5. Make your skin a lot of people feel a slightly itchy after bathing for a long time. This feeling is usually mild and only lasts for a short time. But washing the lower shower can cause your skin to be itchy and even peeling. Learn Huyen - Follow Brightside

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