It Turns Out That The British – Denmark Is The One Who Refused Cristiano Ronaldo’s Goal

HHT - Many people put a question about quick arbitration for the British team to enjoy a Penalty in the controversial situation in the Battle of England - Denmark. And while wondering the arbitration decision, people realized that this referee was the one who refused a valid goal of Cristiano Ronaldo, making him angry to the level of throwing the captain. 0:00 to 2: 31 South Danish Penalty Penalty in the semi-finals have caused a lot of noise, from his "favorable" team, to the ability of the referee "Yes Problem ". Even, Spain's famous sports newspaper Marca also criticized:" You should stop "on the class" the rest of the continent about eating and eating! " Set a question about the arbitration, many football fans remembered that the referee arrested British - Denmark, Danny Makkelie, also made a big mistake. By Makkelie is also the referee to catch a match The World Cup qualifiers between Portugal with Serbia in March

. The Tai danny Makkelie caused many controversy with his decisions. Photo: Mirror. Mirror, in this match, 2 teams are also hiting each other (2-2) when the game has passed the 90th minute
Then, in a few minutes of injury, Cristiano Ronaldo scored, seemingly bringing victory about Portugal. But before the unexpected surprise and turned into Ronaldo's indignation, the referee for the final match, refusing to go to the Portuguese team captain, while the ball clearly passed lime bar in the goal. This makes Ronaldo unable to control, arguing with the arbitration. The fact that Ronaldo is loud and the legs dancing his hand, he got a yellow card. Very pressed and unable to curb anymore, so no matter what to play, Ronaldo removed the armband and threw away. is the entire video situation: Source: Skifbull Channel. Next, coach Fernando Santos also vented: "It's unacceptable when in a match like this doesn't have VAR or the test technology (to corpse Fine the ball through the lime line). The ball was on the goal to be half a meter, obviously, "said later, the Makkelie referee was sorry. He said in Portugal's A Bola Sports newspaper: "I can only say that I'm sorry for Fernando Santos and the Portuguese team because what happened" .Ronaldo angry when the goal is valid recognized
Photo: Miguel A Lopes / EPA-EFE / Rex / Shutterstock.Sau Portugal - Serbia, Ronaldo wrote to Instagram: "A whole country has been harmed." After the Battle of England - Denmark, Coach Kasper Hjulmand (Denmark) said: "That (the referee for him to pen a penalty) destroying a match in just a minute". Sterling's falls brought back to the controversial English Penalty team. Photo: FCBN. But football is so, there are decisions on the yard that cannot be changed. Cristiano Ronaldo's denied goal was not recognized for Portugal. And even if the Penaly made Denmark a bitter, then his team still won the right to finals.

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