Italian Farmer Harvested The World’s Largest Cherry Fruit

Italian farmers have just harvested the world's largest cherry with a weight of 33g, bucket of a record of 26.45g earlier, The Guardian on July 7 took the news: 00/1: 18 South Vietnam This cherry was harvested from plants crops by Alberto and Giuseppe Rosso, Pecetto Torinese farmer, Piedmont Province, 6 km southeast of Turin. The world's largest cherry with a weight of 33g. (Photo: Guinness World Records) Turin is a famous area for Cherry production and the Rosso family planted this plant for more than a century. "There are many years we have seen Cherry fruits grown and collected by us Planning to reach the Guinness World Records in size and this year we decided to invite the Expert Council to assess ", Representatives Rosso said

. The largest Cherry is 33.05g, beat the record of 26.45g Previously of another Italian farmer in Ferrara in February this year
Rosso family planted Cherry over a century. (Photo: Coldiretti) Italian Farmers Coldiretti told Ansa news agency that the record was broken though 2021 was a bad year for Chery Industry in Italy, when 1/4 of the number of Cherry was broken due to Bad weather. "Despite a bad year, Italy is still the main cherry manufacturer in the European Union, with nearly 30,000 hectares of cultivation, the most in Puglia, followed by Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto e Lazio ", Coldiretti team said. Thien

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