Italy Announced The Image Of The Omicron Variant

Scientists in Italy have published the first image of the Omicron variant and have comparisons with the global popular variations of Delta.0: 00/1: 08 Southern Southern images comparable between Delta variations (left) and Omicron variant (right). Photo: Ansang November 28 (local time), the University of Bambino Gesu University in Rome (Italy) announced the image of the Omicron variant and compared to Delta variations. The image shows mutations Omicron, is red in the picture, much more than Delta, especially in the positions of direct contact with cells in the human body. The mutation diminishes descending in orange, yellow, green areas The leaves and finally gray do not have any changes

. According to the researchers, this does not show more dangerous Omicron variants than Delta but only shows that the virus is creating a variant to adapt to people. Omicron can be discovered for the first time in southern Africa in early November 2021. This is a variant with a very high number of mutations
The scientific gender is concerned that the number of mutations will affect the way of the virus, making it easier to spread and avoid the human immune system.Omicron is a fifth worrying variant according to WHO category , after alpha variants, beta, gamma and

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