Italy Farmers Set The World’s Largest Cherry Record Record

Despite the death of two fruits because of the bad weather, farmers in Italy broke the second record this year on the world's largest cherry.07: 00/1: 25 namnang namnang people have been planted The world's largest cherry, broke the Guinness world record with a giant cherry 43 g, Guardian reported on 7/7. The creator of this miracle is the Alberto farmers and Giuseppe Rosso in Pecetto Torinese, how Turin town, capital of Piedmont province more than 6 km southeast. Turin is a famous town of Cherry production. Rosso family has grown cherry more than a century

. The world's largest Cherry is grown by Alberto and Giuseppe Rosso farmers in Pecetto Torinese. Photo: Coldiretti. "In a number of years, we have noticed our Cherry to the world Guinness record in size and this year we decided to do the right thing, call a specialist council," Alberto Rosso told La Repubblica
Trai Cherry has just set the largest and heaviest record of 33.05 g, beat the previous 26.45 g record of another Italian farmer in Ferrara in February. Italy Coldiretti told Ansa news agency that this record was broken even though 2021 was a bad year for Cherry Italy, when a quarter of Cherry was damaged by bad weather. "Regardless of a bad year, Italy is still the main cherry manufacturer in the European Union, with nearly 30,000 hectares of cultivation, concentrating largely in Puglia, followed by Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto e Lazio, "Coldiretti group added. Trung hieu

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