‘james Bond’ Daniel Craig Announced Not To Property For The Children

Actor Daniel Craig - famous for the role of James Bond in the series of the same name, said his children will not be inherited by a huge asset because he plans to get rid of it before died. Daniel Craig, 53, is supposed to own the assets of up to 160 million USD, there are two daughters, one of the ex-wife and one of the current wife. In the recent interview in the Candis magazine, this actor believes that the inheritance is very uncomfortable and will charity a majority of their property besides consuming them before leaving the world. "I think Andrew Carnegie (a US businessman who died, was dubbed" Steel King "), charitable about $ 11 billion. That shows how he is the one because I believe he is also Retain a part

. I don't want to leave money for you because I think inheritance is quite uncomfortable. My philosophy is to get rid of it or do charity entire assets before died "- Daniel Craig Share.Daniel Craig does not leave the property for the Last Sado generation of translation, "No Time to Die" - The latest part of the "James Bond" series is played by Daniel Craig
The film was about to go to theaters in September. Daniel Craig plays a talented "007" spy, proud since 2006 with the movie called "Casino Royale". After that, he joined 3 sequels. The recent part is "Specter" in 2015.Daniel Craig announced that after "No Time to Die" will not participate in any part of "James Bond". That is, he watched "No Time to Die" was the last time he transformed into "007". Sharing about the decision "No Time to Die", Daniel Craig said it was "really happy" when placing a pen signing the contract to join this section. Another positive attitude must be very heft when deciding to participate in "No Time to Die" with a remuneration to 25 million USD.Daniel Craig and the current wife Daniel Craig announced that after "No Time to Die" will not Participate in any part of "James Bond" before receiving the "No Time to Die", Daniel Craig reacted harshly. He said: "I don't want to beat your glasses and use my wrist slitting debris
All I want now is to get rid of it. In at least a year or two, I don't want to think about this role. I have no discussion with anyone about any movie. If I close the other part of James Bond, all merely just for money ... "Daniel Craig used to face difficulties when becoming a celebrity International range thanks to the series "Jame Bond". But ever since then, this actor is no longer free with the previously comfortable life that around him always has a clinging camera lens all day and night. Daniel Craig is not allowed to be drunk in public because certainly those images will spread quickly on newspapers, websites, forums and trouble him. He took 20 years to get acquainted with this. However, from the bottom of his heart, he loved his job very much. James Bond series, Daniel Craig also participated in many other movies: "The Power of One", "A Kid in King Arthur's Court", "Sharpe's Eagle "," Cowboys

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