Japan Aid Adds 400,000 Doses Of Vaccines For Vietnam

Vietnam will receive 400,000 doses of vaccines from Japanese aid for 4 countries and territories in Asia. The Embassy of Japan has just issued a report, said 14/9, Japanese Foreign Minister The Toshimitsu Motegi version announced that Japan will aid another 400,000 doses of Vaccines for Covid-19 for Vietnam. This number of vaccines will be transferred to Vietnam after completing the preparation work. Christmas will aid a total of 1.3 million doses of Astrazeneca vaccine for 4 countries and territories in Asia, including Vietnam , Thailand, Brunei and Taiwan (China)

. Speaking at the regular press conference in Tokyo, Minister MOTEGI said: "On the basis of the proposal from related countries / regions, us decided to provide 500,000 doses of vaccines for Taiwan, 400,000 doses for Vietnam, 300,000 doses for Thailand and 100,000 doses for Brunei. This vaccine will be transferred soon, as possible for countries and regions Earth as soon as possible. "Japan has aid for Vietnam a total of about 3 million doses of vaccines in June and July
Next, Minister Motegi also announced the aid about 80,000 doses of vaccines on September 3 and the number of vaccines came to Vietnam on September 9.. Today, the total number of Covid-19 vaccines that Japan aid for Vietnam is 3.58 million dose .Nam

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