Japan-canada Objected To Unilateral Efforts To Change The Status Quo With Force In The South China Sea, Dong Dong Sea

On November 26, the Japanese government announced, in the same day of Damage, Japanese Foreign Minister Hayashi Yoshimasa and Canadian co-author Melanie Joly expressed cautiously about the influence in the field of military and economic increasingly Increase of China. Japan chief (right) and the Canadian durgers in the 26th anniversary. , the two foreign ministers continued to strongly oppose unilateral efforts to change the status of force in the South China Sea and the East Sea, and oppose the behavior that causes economic pressure ". Share views on regional situation, including "North Korea's nuclear-nuclear-nuclear threat" as well as Pyongyang kidnapping Japanese citizens in 1970s and 1980s, committed to continue cooperation in These issues. The Hayashi expressed the Japanese "appreciated" that Ottawa participated in multinational mission to monitor freight operations from this ship to Other ships of Pyongyang, capital violations of the UN sanctions on nuclear-rocket development

.Hai diplomat agreed to increase discussion of security cooperation to realize an area " Indian-Pacific Ocean free and wide open "This spoiler takes place in the context that China is strengthening maritime activities in neighboring seas around Senkaku Islands controlled by Japan Also declared sovereignty and called Diaoyu. (According to Kyodo)

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