Japan Donated Vietnam 400,000 Dose Astrazeneca

Total number of Covid-19 vaccines that Japan aid for Vietnam is 3.58 million dosage 9: 00/2: 04 Southern regions today, Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu announced Japan to aid Add 400,000 doses of Covid-19 room vaccine for Vietnam. This number of vaccines will be transferred to Vietnam after completing the preparation work. Before that, Japan has aid for Vietnam a total of about 3 million doses of Vaccines for Covid-19 in June and July via. Later, September 9, Japan also aid about 80,000 doses of vaccines for Vietnam

. Thus, the quantity announced today, the total number of villa vaccines Covid-19 that Japan aid for Vietnam is 3.58 million doses. According to UNICEF Vietnam - United Nations Children's Fund , Today, Lot 1,484,060 Dose Vaccine Room Covid-19 Astrazeneca donated by France and Italy through the COVAX mechanism to Vietnam
Go to Vietnam. Support and 812,060 doses of vaccines funded by the Italian government. On the morning of September 14, at the Ministry of Foreign Ministry headquarters took place the reception ceremony of nearly 1.5 million doses of Astrazeneca vaccine on. Covax Prevention was established to ensure equal access and equality for vaccines Covid-19 room globally. Italy and France are two of the leading sponsors of the European Union (EU) for the Covax mechanism. Up to now, Vietnam has received 11,725,630 doses of Covid-19 vaccine through the above mechanism. September 11, the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Translations, also said, Vietnam There were agreements, contracts and commitment to sponsoring the Covid-19 vaccine with a total of about 159.97 million doses, expected in 2021 about 138.4 million doses
The number of vaccines has received more than 34 million dose. The Ministry of Health is negotiating and talking to the Covid-19 vaccine supply unit for 2022, ensuring sufficient injections for the entire population aged 5 and older. Page

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