Japan Has Built Dangerous Biological Weapons To Attack The Soviet Union

According to bile documents for the first time, the Russian Federal Security Department decoded, in 1944, Japan planned to use bacterial bombs to attack the Soviet Union.0: 00/4: 23 male Hazardous chemical weapons to attack the Soviet Union (Photo: AIF) Among the archived documents have the minutes of questioning the final commander of the Eastern OTOZO Yamada Army - the most elite force of the army Japan. The time asked the supply took place from 1945 to December 1949. This is a trial to trial 12 veterans of the crowded military religions that are condemned to manufacture and use biological weapons. The trial took place in Khabarovsk from 25 to 30 to December 1949

. Otoozo Yamada as a total commanding of the Eastern military director from 1944. Primorsky military court decided: General Otozo Ymada directly commanded the applications TECHNICAL OFFICE, No. 731 and 100, conducting sinful activities: Fabrication of weapons and preparing to conduct biological wars
Yamada was sentenced to 25 years in prison. In 1956, Yamada was amnesty and returned to Japan. Otozo Yamada declared in biotops? In court, Yamada was reading the testimony of Matsumura Witnesses: "Fall 1944, Yamada has reported former private Order on the use of Ishii bacterial bombs ".yamada confesses:" I do not object to Matsumura Witnesses, I am the one who approved this report ".shiro Ishii is a microbiologist, a doctor Military Medicine and the leader of the 731 branch of the Japanese Army. Shiro Ishii is the author of the bacterial bomb - the bomb is named after the man made it, Ishii.Bom Ishii bombs are the strongest biological weapon of that time. The special point of Ishii bomb is a sealed box, inside filled with plague infected fleas. According to the calculation of Shiro Ishii, to ensure the maximum level of infection, biological bombs will explode at a height of 50 to 100 m above the ground. When preparing to war with the Soviet Union and other countries, The Japanese government put a lot of hope to use biological weapons, even determined that: biological weapons are an important role playing tool, even deciding in the war
Units Tasks 731 and 100 of the Eastern Army have developed biological weapons. They conducted experiments on people living. For non-bacterial bacteria, but also charcoal bacteria, cholera, welding disease, gas necrotic disease, then monitor the process of infection in human organs. Most infected people have died in pain. The number of people who have not died, will be given to the reunion. In 1945, Ishii was exempted from prosecuting war crimes from the US sponsored. Later, the microbiologist Shiro Ishii had just worked in Japan, just working for the whole United States. Ishii biomatic bomb manufacturer died in 1959, at the age of 57 in his hometown because cancer Thanhghan.Yamada said that the test of biological weapons on the body was not a crime, because of international law How does this OTozo Yamada Commander is strictly prohibited? Through the documents decoded by the Russian Federation Security Bureau, it can be seen that Yamada's originally expressed her attitude around. When Japanese prisoners offered evidence, until February 1947, Yamada was confessed: He directly commanded a special unit of 731, led by the hermitians Shiro Ishii, that Shiro Ishii had Directly report to him about every activity of 731. It takes 2 years later, when investigators have collected all the indisputable evidence of Japan to develop biological weapons and use The weapon in the Soviet battle, the new Yamada confessed his sin, which was 1949.otozo Yamada said: "Yoshijiro Umezu - Yamada's predecessor - approved the biological weapons tests , Japan will use biological weapons, not only in total battles with the Soviet Union, but also in destructive activities. 731 special units will use aircraft to test biological weapons by this unit. In September 1945, when the Soviet Union decided to fight with Japan, Yamada decided to evacuate the 731 unit to the North to erase the trace of his sinful activity. ".Otozo Yamada confessed:" to avoid Not for the Soviet Red Army obtained confidential documents about Japan who built biological weapons to attack the Soviet Union, Yamada ordered a secret building with all equipment, machinery and documents , conducted evacuation of unit 731 to North Korea, and decided not to let the US military arrested 731 ".V. Top

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