Japan Neighborhood In Ho Chi Minh City After Opening Day

The yellow and red lights glowing in the alley 15 Le Thanh Ton Street (District 1) is no longer shining. Japanese neighborhood has never been 'sad' over in about 20 years nay.Vai early days when City allows restaurants serve in place, Hoang Nam (28 years old, live in Binh Thanh District) look right into the neighborhood Japan in district 1 to enjoy a bowl of udon noodles I crave for so long. "Many things in this street was different than before the spacing, there are no similar accommodation games I've ever familiar dozen years," Nam said xet.Tu 2000, around Le Thanh Ton street (district 1) is inhabited by a small minority of Japan

. Over time, range of shops and services are opened more and more to serve this community, gradually form a Japanese neighborhood in the heart of the Japanese city pho.Hien scale of 300 m alley and the Le Thanh Ton Street, followed with Thai Van Lung street, Thi Sach, Ngo Van Nam.Tung Japanese street lights demKhu collectors have hundreds of service facilities located close together from the big road until in the alley
Number of restaurants, bars, massage parlors alone alley No. 15 Le Thanh Ton there are nearly a hundred basis before translation. "Specialties" Japanese streets in District 1 outside restaurants Japanese cuisine is the basis massage, spa are Japanese residents here Popular (snapshot in January 7/2020). Photo: Chi Hung.Thoi ago period, began bustling neighborhood from about 17 pm. The food vendors often serve to 22-23h, bars can open up to 1-2 hours sang.O Japanese city no crowded scene, collapsed halfway xình like West Street. All activities of eating, entertainment all located behind the curtains covering the glass door. "In here there are houses should be limited noise. And the Japanese style is often more discreet fun
Therefore, the issue before translation order this place no matter what, this translated as quiet time ", a protection officer for biet.Dich neighborhood where mostly for dining, bars, cafes café, massage parlors, spas and hotels. Signs are written in Japanese, decorative red lanterns, wooden doors, penthouses ... The word "Irasshaimase" (translated from Japanese, means "Welcome Guest") constantly heard. This scene makes one step here can feel the atmosphere country dao.Hoang blossoms Male known and often to play neighborhood Japan from 2010. He enjoys eating Japanese. Moreover, I like the feeling of walking in here for a break after school hours. "I like this place because it can send the car and then walk looking around, instead of just driving to a Japanese restaurant yet in the city and then to eat. When walking here, space and time as compared to the pace of life slows down in the city. Also, the décor here give me a warm feeling, "South noi.Mot Japanese udon noodle shop in the alley 15A Le Thanh Ton active in May 3/2020, now closed long dust . Photo: Italy Linh.Diu gloomy after cachDu relaxing restaurants have opened, the neighborhood is still not lit as before. Many restaurants, shops and services in front of the alley was closed, causing darker part of the neighborhood. Of visitors to cafes, stroll quite sparse. Waiters do not rush out invites. It is described by Hoang Nam a few times had to eat in the neighborhood after the spacing. "The most recognizable is the massage parlors and bars here have not been active, many facilities will be closed still, some open sneaky door. Previously men go through will be requests have offered from the street. Now employees at stores open longer just sit in overlooking "he ke.Theo noted by reporter Zing, the majority of restaurants in this neighborhood are run by the Japanese master. They may be settled in the city, or some living in Japan and delivered to the Vietnamese administration ly.Tu when Covid-19 appearance, foreigners and Japanese people can not come to Vietnam, while the number of residents this foreign nationals from HCM City for many in recent years. Therefore, the operation of several business establishments here huong.Hien arrivals affected Japanese cities will see many ground situation vacant, closed long dust, sea notify hire, transfers instructions to each other at the door .Hem 8A Thai Van Lung street in the Japanese city shimmering in May 3/2020 (left) and dark scenes thanks to the day 30/11/2021. Photo: Italy Linh.Theo share of a Japanese noodle shop employee in the alley 8A Thai Van Lung, the number of tourists come here only about one third compared to the time before spacing, but not much in comparison with the previous translation. "Still the Japanese in many, they are the people who live around here and no water. The remaining visitors negligible "number of employees for hay.Da shops and services open to focus on the outside alley 15A, B, C Le Thanh Ton and 8A Thai Van Lung, still deep inside the large dark lights. People in the alley said that many business households do not hold out after the outbreak lasted for cost of renting premises and staff, has "given up". "In the past activities of this neighborhood almost no influence our people. We are looking forward towards the end of service so that they can do to eat normally again, not only Japanese, but also many Vietnamese chef, staff, "a female resident in the City presented to.Ban read. HCM have stories to share or problems need ph

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