Japan Warns Citizens About The Risk Of Suicide Bombing In Southeast Asian Countries

The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday (September 13) called on their citizens to stay away from religious and crowd facilities in 6 Southeast Asian countries because terrorism could happen. Information is informed that there is a risk of suicide bombing and warning to Japanese citizens in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. Abu Sayyaf. Photo: Maritime Executive. However, some countries in the list like Thailand, the Philippines said they have no information about the terrorist threat that Japan mentioned, as well as details related to this source

. In short recommendations sent to the embassies in countries, Japan calls for their citizens to pay attention to the local news, information and cautiousness at the present time. However, they do not give specific time frames or other details. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs refuses to provide sources or indicate whether it is shared with other countries
/. Hoang Nguyen / Vov-Tokyo

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