Japanese Company Shocked With Unique Super Sunglasses

Hugging sunglasses The whole face provides better protection than conventional glasses or goggles, especially against ultraviolet rays, shot drops, water, dust, oil and even smoke .0: 00/1: 31 South Southern (source: amazon.co.jp) Oversized sunglasses have appeared for a while but recently a Japanese company named Zghybd has put this fashion trend to the top High, when creates a sunglasses covering the entire face wearing person. It is difficult to distinguish the glass designed by Zghybd company as a face or sunglasses

. This special glass covers the entire face, including nose and mouth like a face cover, but has an anti-UV anti-ray effect and is like regular eyeglasses. Glasses are made of high quality polycarbonate And sized 16.5 x 14
2cm. The manufacturing company shows that this glass can withstand pressure without deformation, with anti-fog properties, anti-wind and dustproof. And of course, as well as any other sunglasses, they are resistant to ultraviolet rays. This full face design offers better protection than conventional or protective glasses, especially against Correct drops of shot, water rays, dust, oil and even smoke. But ultraviolet resistance is still the most prominent function of this accessory, especially for those who are looking for an alternative to apply sunscreen to face. New shady of ZGHYBD company It is the most optimal choice for celebrities who want to go out without attracting attention, as well as with prominent fashion style lovers. Glasses are being sold on Japanese Amazon page with prices 2,000 yen (VND 400,000) ./. Minh Phuong (Vietnam)

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