Japanese Girl Caught The Hot Girl After ‘hung’s’ Fell 18kg In 6 Months Thanks To 5 Tips

From chubby physique, this girl has promoted surprisingly after losing weight.0: 00/2: 41 Nou southern nationals here, a Japanese girl has caused the network community to flutter when opening images before and after With the miraculous change of yourself. That girl is NOA - Instagram account holder @diet_nooa with nearly 500k followers. Song, NOA attracted a large follower who was because she had been reduced to 18kg in just 6 months, the beauty also stripped the magic. It was known, before, NOA weighed to 63kg, chubby physique, FAST FAST FRESSING MACHINE

.BTV CHECK FAST Yves Rocher's new Skincare of Yves Rocher: Lotion with a strange gel, Thach Removaler is worth investing? But in just 6 months, she reduced 18kg to only 45kg. NOA weight loss mode depends on both eating and practicing. After losing weight, not only slender physique that NOA's face was also slender, peaceful, the beauty of the significant rank
Noa also shared with the followers of how to lose weight she applied. Here are the 5 most important tips.1. Weekly weight loss plansMany people often plan a strong weight loss with an impressive figure to motivate, but in fact, rarely can lose weight as planned. Instead of raising a far number with, NOA divides a weight loss plan into small pieces, for each week. Every week she will target the weight, menu and workout plan. Therefore, she will be motivated and helps plan to lose weight extensively, avoid boring but leave the badness. Eat three meals per fixed hour, eating protein sticks for meals to eat on time both good for health and help limit snacks or eat too much. With NOA, she always eats 3 meals and steadily: Breakfast before 8 hours, lunch 12 - 13 hours and dinner 18-19 hours. In case of hungry, she will eat more designed protein bars that have been specially designed to provide energy and fiber without fat
3. Eat vegetables in advance, if it usually has the habit of eating first rice, since losing weight, NOA switches to changing the order of dishes. She will eat green vegetables, the first kinds of soup, soup, then eat rice. This will help the body feel quickly, minimize the consumption of rice too much.4. Walking daily with office work, it is easy to sit with NOA to accumulate belly fat and thighs. Therefore, she often enlist walks every day to help lose weight and increase health and strength. When walking, she will go with a moderate speed, straight back, a little chin. Clearly notes the loss stagesNAA always have a small book that clearly records the body's changes. From weight, fat ratio, measurements of rounds. Thanks to that, she could strictly control the physique, and adjusted a reasonable weight loss plan.

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