Japanese Military Role In Indian Ocean – Pacific Region

Japan plays an important role in the Military in the Indian Ocean - Pacific region, but also faces a number of risks in the middle of the US stress - the middle of the market. Change with reporters of The Diplomat, Mr. Robert Ward - Chairman of the Japanese research team, and the director of the local and strategic segment of the International Strategic Research Institute - issued a number of comments on Japanese military role in the Indian area Oceanography - Pacific (ADD - TBD), as well as a mistake of some risks Tokyo may face in the context of US-middle strategic strategic competition. Important changes in the National Book of Nation Room 2021 White Defense in 2021 of the Japanese Ministry of Defense (JMOD) currently attracts great attention of public opinion in recent years is because of the four main reasons. Firstly, white books have mentioned the importance of the importance of Stable in Taiwan Strait and its relationship with Tokyo's main security

. This is the first time the premium area security issue is mentioned in the white book of the Japanese Ministry of Defense. The US and Japanese warships in the final exercise in October 2020. Photo: US NAVY Monday is a focus on US-China relations, a clear sign that the US-Chinese strategic competition is a key factor for Japanese defense policy
Third is highlighted Japan is increasingly expanding its security partnerships outside the area and towards other countries outside the US, such as Germany, England and France. Fourthly the Japanese Defense Ministry strengthens focusing on push demand Strong research and development (R

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