Japanese Prime Minister Can Destroy President Biden Because Of Omicron Transformation

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida may cancel a trip to the United States as well as a meeting with Biden President this month due to the spread of the Omicron (00/0/0: 56 Southern region of NHK television Looking close sources said Mr. Kishida is considering schedule based on political movements in the US and the spread dizzying with Omicron. The summit of the summit between Mr. Kishida and President Biden is expected to be moved The following year. The US and Japan have recorded the Omicron transformation infections

. Fumio Kishida Fumio. (Photo: Reuters) While Japanese Japan recorded two cases of this strain, the US discovered up to 9 cases, of which 2 cases of community infections. All 2 countries have limited flights from the domain
South Africa to avoid Omicron spreading. Front, Mr. Kishida and Mr. Biden have a conference on the sidelines of the COP26 climate conference conference in the UK. Here, the two unified leaders will meet directly at the end of this year to discuss the issues of the two interested interests, such as China.Song Hy (Source: Reuters)

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