Japanese Prime Minister Members Want To Have American Missiles To Deal With China, Korea

Sanae Takaichi, one of the candidates for the Leadership Leadership Leader (LDP), claims she will ask the US to deploy the mid-range missile to the country as a Pyongyang and Beijing deterrent. Sanae Takaichi. Photo: Reuters "The deployment of mid-range missiles is absolutely necessary to protect the territory and the lives of Japanese people," said Takaichi on Sunday, 19 / 9. The candidate said the fire rocket Trung is an appropriate deterrent to deal with North Korea and China. She asserted that if she was appointed as Prime Minister, she will actively ask the US to deploy this weapon to Japan

. As a Japanese House of Representatives, Ms. Takaichi used to hold some important positions in the former cabinet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and twice to hold the Minister of Interior and Communications. Takaichi, other candidates for LDP leadership also said Tokyo needs to improve his defensive ability
Fumio Fumio Kishida told the Wall Street Journal this month that Japan had to expand the missile program against potential enemies, Korea and China. Taro Kono administrative reforms also called on Tokyo to improve the name of the name Fire, and enhanced the ability of the Japanese-American Union. Takaichi's father was given a week after Pyongyang announced that the country fired a new long-range cruise missile that was supposed to be affordable Function of attacking most Japanese territory. On September 15, North Korea continued to test two short-range ballistic missiles from the train. Onions in the country from 2012 to 2020 - intend to support Ms. Takaichi in the race to lead LDP's leadership on September 29, the winner in LDP leadership vote will almost certainly become Japan's new prime minister made a majority of the ruling party in the House of Representatives. After Mr. Shinzo Abe suddenly resigned from the prime minister in 2020 for health reasons, Mr. Yoshihide Suga - a close allied to him Abe - has arrested, but only for a brief time because he claims to withdraw at the end of this month. Resigning Mr
Suga immediately after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ended. Mr. Suga left the office with a low credit ratio in the context of the public is increasingly dissatisfied with the government to deal with Covid-19.

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