Japanese Women Have Countless Tips To Own A Healthy, Natural Skin

Just apply these beauty ways of Japanese women every day, not difficult for you to own the beauty no age.1. How to neld the smooth white face from Damnha Danh is a popular beauty material thanks to Vitamin B, folic acid helps clean dead cells, shrink pores, help white skin, tight and smooth. You can apply a mask of aloe vera and honey to increase efficiency. Skin care with a parameters

. The implementation: - Aloe vera cleansing, filtering the meat and puree .- Mix aloe vera with 1 spoon of honey, stir well. - Apply on the face for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water
How to take care of smooth white facials with water with a variety of compounds with beneficial compounds such as ferulic acid antioxidants, Allantoin active ingredients, B, C and E vitamins, ... not only have skin whitening effects but also helps provide moisture, tightening pores, blurred deep. Simple implementation: - Take the 2nd rice water section to separate and put in the refrigerator. - Wait until the water is rice White starch and the water part above holy 2 parts, use that white starch to cover the skin. - Take the starch to face and massage gently. Ly relax for 30 minutes then rinse with warm water.3. Using starches of curcumin in turmeric starch is the beauty factor, helps to prevent inflammation, anti-oxidant, especially reduce dark, white skin
The performance is as follows: - Prepare 2 spoons of starch and half Fresh milk package without sugar. - Mix these 2 materials, and apply to the face. Leave about 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.4. How to take care of smooth white skin with banana shells containing lots of nutrients such as vitamins A, B, E, Potassium, .. good for health but also to prevent aging, blur wrinkles, nourishes and Moisturizing skin. Do: - After washing the face, take the banana peel to face the facial skin. - After about 20 minutes to clean the face. Besides the effect of helping white skin, smooth, bananas also blur scars, bruising wounds and dark circles. These notes about smooth white skin care: - Do not neglect sunscreen. Because sunscreen is "enemies" of UV rays, ultraviolet rays help protect the skin from the sun.- 1 week should steam 1-2 times to eliminate toxins accumulating on the skin. Show science diet, do not drink alcohol, coffee and restrict frying furniture, grease. - Drink more than 2 liters of water filter every day. - You should keep the spirit comfortable, not stressed much, Less use of technology to light green without skin. Good and beautiful

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