Jbl Live Pro Tws: Opponents Of Airpods?

JBL LIVE PRO TWS noise-proof headset is suitable for wearing daily wear, is the main rival of Apple Airpods.0: 00/4: 13 namjbl region has just introduced to Vietnam market JBL Live Pro TWS, generation The 3rd noise headset headset. Headphones follow AirPods's design style, so inherit the advantages and disadvantages of this design. It is also a selection that can replace AirPods Pro but has a more pleasant price JBL Live Pro TWS has a compact design, well-made plastic container, sturdy. Headphones have 4 colors: black, white, yellow, pink, showing the manufacturer aimed at young users, dynamic

. White version that reporter ICTNews is quite beautiful, headphones are carefully protected In a stable box. However, the case after a period of use will be slightly scratched, sticky at the bottom like headphones some other carriers if placing it regularly on a little cleaned wood surface. Therefore, this box should be kept at the softer surface
Overall, the headset follows Apple Airpods' design trends should inherit the strengths and weaknesses of this headset. With a compact design similar to traditional wired headsets, it is possible to wear this headset all day. Behear, because the Housing part does not cover the ears, so the ability to passive sound is not optimal as some headphones Luxury has big, heavier design. If this headset of JBL has a bigger housing part that sounds the sound will be better, but the headset has a large housing part that is easily uncomfortable when wearing a long time - This is the priority / disadvantage of the design in the direction of Airpods. JBL Live Pro TWS is the only wireless headset until now I can wear the whole day, even when lying on the phone on the phone, and when she sleeps. I also wear this headset when I go out, in the elevator or when running. This has two reasons: headphones wear comfortably, and it doesn't really eliminate external sounds. Therefore, I was very confident to listen to music, listen to the whole day call, but still hear my wife and wife around. It still guarantees you a certain private space but doesn't miss what happens outside. This is also the first headset I wear to jog
Often when jogging with headphones, the footsteps will be very uncomfortable. Some high-end headsets will sometimes fall out if this is strong. This JBL headset is not with that status, and with IPX4 water resistance should resist sweat or light rain. When cycling, it also eliminates the wind that is quite good. About the sound of sound insulation, this headset cannot be able to eliminate sound like Airpods Pro, but fully competitive with any product at price range 3 million. It is also worthy of Airpods 1, Airpods 2 headsets; But AirPods do not have initiative noise-resistant features. When wearing, winds, fans, a distant drill, the footsteps in the corridor, ... will be eradicated closely. Only the remaining people in a 5-7 meter radius will hear. With listening to music while working, this headset will do well. The overall bustling music, a clear singer, deep bass compared to the same price products. The product has integrated Google Assisstant virtual assistant and Alexa. You can type once on the ear to hear the assistant reading the notifications on the phone. Or as I or orders to open music, cross the song, turn off the music when your hands are busy ... wash the dishes. The number of calls through a stable headset in the house. When riding a motorbike, I have to slow down the speed, sometimes you have to pause the car, the quality of listen / call new enough. Listen to a quick connection with Android phones via JBL headphones software. Multipurpose. You can install the operations separately on two separate headsets. For example, left headsets for music control, right to activate virtual assistants. You can hold down 1 time, 2 times, 3 times on the headset to order. Touch is very sensitive and good feedback with control operations. The headset can play music within 6 hours when turning on Bluetooth and turning on noise-proof mode, longer than Airpods Pro and equivalent to multiple headsets Recent high-end.jbl Live Pro TWS can also charge wirelessly. Therefore. I sometimes charge the "fire fighting" by the back of the Galaxy S20 Ultra with the headset box to charge. Team, JBL Live Pro TWS is a affordable headset, serving every daily purpose, especially comfortable. At its price range, the product meets well in noise resistance, music quality, control features. However, in order to have a comfortable design for a whole day, the passive sound is not equal to some other headsets at a higher price. Post

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